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About Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Genre: Fighting | Publisher: WB Games | Platform: Mobile
Injustice is a traditional two-dimensional fighter featuring characters from various DC comic book franchises, bringing together Superman, Batman and a plethora of other well-known heroes and villains to duke it out across stages set in a variety of DC universes.

Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Injustice shares a lot of similarities with the developers' previous fighting game, Mortal Kombat, so fans of the studio will know what to expect. Injustice brings its comic book source material to life, featuring over-the-top action and absurd, yet engrossing violence that is a hallmark of the studio behind the game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: What We Like Most

A range of characters
Injustice doesn't skimp on its character roster. While big-name, heavy-hitters such as Wonder Woman and the Joker are present and make up the majority of the playable character count, lesser-known DC characters like Hawkgirl also get time to shine. DC super-fans and casuals alike will see familiar faces they know and love to play as.

A variety of play styles
Massive, hulking characters like Solomon Grundy allow slow, hard-hitting players to get their fix of clobbering action while those who prefer faster, more nimble fighters have choices like Nightwing and Catwoman to choose from. There's a character for every play style, whether it be zoning play, ranged fighting, close-quarters gadget combat or traditional fisticuffs.

Interactive stages
While regular combos and punch-outs are fun enough, NetherRealm didn't stop there. They made it so that all stages have interactive objects to throw into the fighting mix. If you're a light character, maybe a statue or dumpster can be jumped off of. If you're a heavy character, you can throw that same statue or dumpster at the opponent. Each object has its own unique attributes and changes how you interact accordingly. On certain maps, there's even the ability to fling your opponents through a high-octane stage transition by kicking them into specific levels' walls.

The Basics of Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice crafts a convoluted story that manages to tie together all of DC's most notable superheroes and villains into a single universe, a plotline that is par for the course as far as comic books are concerned. In the story's universe, Superman has become a ruthless dictator over earth and must be taken down. To do this, the game's multitude of protagonists must fight their way to the top to gain an audience with the Man of Steel himself.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Core Challenges

1. Pick a character that suits your style
While your favorite DC character might be present on the roster, they might not suit your play style. Even if Batman's costume looks awesome, if you're not into using gadgets when playing a fighting game then he'll be useless to you beyond aesthetic appeal. And if you love playing as heavy hitters, even if Superman is your favorite hero, you're probably better off choosing Solomon Grundy as he has a better offensive-brawler build. 

2. Know the stage
Stages might act as simple backdrops in other games, but in Injustice they can make or break a match. Know every interactive element of each map, know which ones have stage transitions, and above all, know what effects each character will have on all of the above. Certain maps might have interactive objects that can be combo'd into a stage transition allowing for massive damage, but only certain characters may be able to pull off these feats. Keep track of all these variables if you want an easier time winning matches.

3. Practice
As simple as it sounds, this is a fighting game, and combos will need to be learned, re-learned and adjusted for every possible match up and contingency. If you want to be the best player possible capable of taking on any opponent, create multiple strategies and plan for any situation.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Top User Questions

How is the game's single player? 
While most fighting games put the focus on their multiplayer aspects, Injustice has a wealth of single player content for those wanting to fight on their own. A lengthy story mode exists for players wanting their DC storytelling fix as well as a lot of fighting. There are ladder modes where you fight gauntlets of opponents, a training mode to hone your skills, individual matches and mini-games to entertain you for hours without the need of second player.

Is online multiplayer good? 
No. NetherRealm has a rough track record with online multiplayer, and just as Mortal Kombat before it, Injustice suffers from constant disconnects and large quantities of lag in its online game play across all platforms. If you're looking for consistent online multiplayer, look elsewhere. 

Is this a game for DC fans, fighting game fans or both? 
Absolutely both. While there's plenty of fan service for those interested in the DC license alone, behind the attractive veil of comic book characters lays a complex fighting game with multiple tiers of complexity to be discovered and mastered over time.

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