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About Jelly Splash

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Wooga | Platform: Mobile
Jelly Splash is a matching game from Wooga. Similar to other matching games like Candy Crush Soda Saga, players must complete missions under a certain number of moves by matching tiles (or in this case, jellies). 

There are several different types of missions including earning a specific number of points, clearing enemy slime guards or grey goo, helping good jellies escape, and making sure diamonds reach the bottom of the level. Doing well on missions can earn a maximum of three stars per level which unlock more features.

Jelly Splash is a free-to-play game available on Facebook, iOS, Google Play, and Amazon Apps. 

Jelly Splash: Core Challenges

Jelly Splash might be a matching game but don’t mistake it for being easy. There are plenty of tips and tricks to learn before making a splash in the jelly.

Managing Resources
Jelly Splash may be a free-to-play game but it still has it’s fair share of timers to wait through and power-ups to buy. Failing to complete a level costs a heart, which can be refilled by spending ingame currency or waiting 30 minutes. Every 20 levels there is a stage change and with it a three day, twelve hour countdown timer. Thankfully there is a way around it, either by earning 100 stars, asking for help from your Facebook friends, or spending a few bucks on coins for the unlock. Saving those coins is essential if you find yourself struggling to unlock a stage later in the game. 

Depending on the score earned on a level players can earn up to three stars which can be used to unlock more stages later on. Earning those stars can be difficult depending on the mission, specifically missions where you must eliminate enemies. Thankfully Jelly Splash tells you the score at which you earn the next star so you know exactly what your goal is.

What We Liked About Jelly Splash

Addictive Gameplay
One of the more interesting elements of Jelly Splash is the Super Jelly tile. A Super Jelly is made when the player matches five or more jellies and will take out either a vertical or horizontal row of tiles when matched again. Matching multiples of these tiles, or destroying a row with a Super Jelly in it will also trigger it. This can create a cascade of tiles and does wonders for your score. 

Varied Levels
Progressing through the game takes players from a tropical island, a fiery volcano, a sunburnt desert, and more. These varying stages make for a nice change of scenery just as you start getting bored with the background. The different types of missions are appreciated as it prevents the game from becoming too repetitive. 

What’s the Story Like?

There is not much of a story for Jelly Splash but it does not need one. The gameplay is more than enough fun to keep players invested. 

Jelly Splash FAQ

Here are some of the most common Jelly Splash questions players are asking when getting into the game. 

What is Splash Time? 
Splash Time is one of the best way to earn points and getting three stars from every stage. Splash Time occurs after completing a stage with any number of moves remaining. Each move left is turned into a tile similar to the Super Jelly tiles earned when completing a match of 6 or more, but with a x5 multiplier to the score. Racking up points and starts is easy if you can complete the level fast enough. 

What Are the Mushrooms? 
There are two obstacles in Jelly Splash, and mushrooms are the least annoying. Mushrooms disappear when jellies are matched next to it, similar to the slime guards, and that’s about it. Ghosts are the other enemy type and are much more aggressive. After several turns pass ghosts will spread to other tiles, converting them to more ghosts. Make sure to match these quickly to prevent them from taking over the board. 

How do I Free Captured Jellies? 
Freeing captured jellies is one of the more difficult mission types but there is a way to speed up the process to ensure you get the most out of Splash Time. If you match a Super Jelly and the explosion hits the captured jelly it will remove five of the counters from it.

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