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About Jewel Mania

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: TeamLava | Platform: Mobile
Jewel Mania is a Match-3 style puzzle game published by the Storm8 team, who are the minds behind Bubble Mania and more. The game has over 600 levels and is regularly updated making it one of the better match-3 games on the market. The characters in the game are done in a cute children's book art style that does seem very different from most of the vividly colored match-3 games out there. Jewel Mania is available as a free-to-play game on Android and iOS.

Core Challenges of Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania's tag line tells you everything you need to know "Easy to learn hard to master" and that is exactly what it is. The main challenges are as follows:

Beating the clock
Some levels give you just over a minute to get a certain score. You'll have unlimited turns but barely any time. My advice is to try and create as many boosters as you can to help you power through the board quickly. If you match a diamond booster with one of the horizontal or vertical line boosters it will create lots of boosters and clear the board really quickly. Remember you can keep matching while the animations are going.

Clearing the board
A common level theme is to have to clear the board of various obstacles. The clear blocks can be cleared by making matches over the top of them (once or twice depending on density) whereas the crates can be removed by making matches beside them. Remember in these levels you needn't focus on the score. Go for the most awkwardly placed obstacles first and work your way out to easier ones.

Achieving full star ratings
Each level has three stars that can be collected. In order to achieve a three-star rating you must surpass the minimum score by making lots of matches. The easiest way to do this is to go for combos and use lots of boosters while you play.

What We Like About Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania is actually a very well put together match-3 game. It seems mostly glitch free and doesn't have over-the-top animations. Here are my top three favorite things about Jewel Mania:

Additional Achievements
As well as collecting stars in each level there are also additional challenges ranging from creating a set amount of boosters to playing an entirely different Storm8 game. The rewards for these challenges are keys, collect enough keys and you can open a chest and get a prize. Sometimes you can fully replenish your energy without having to wait.

Easy Learning Curve
Unlike a lot of match-3 games that start easy and then suddenly become very hard in order to get you to part with you hard earned cash, Jewel Mania keeps a very regular easy learning curve that seems quite evenly handed and I much appreciate it. It stops the game becoming frustrating and is much more enjoyable than match three games that have sudden leaps in difficulty.

No Pressure on Your Pocket
A previously mentioned the game has a nice even increase in difficulty. It simply doesn't pressure you into spending real money the way other match-3 games do. You can even use the settings to add a PIN to stop you accidentally buying anything. This is great because it lets you safely share the game with your children without the fear of a huge bill at the end of the month.

The Story and Gameplay of Jewel Mania

The story of the game is a little unclear since there isn't any dialog. However, it is definitely about two children in a hot air balloon traveling the world. Each level is a new location and at the end their faithful doggy companion will give your screen a good lick for a job well done.

As for gameplay, it's pretty much the same as any match-3 game you have played. Simply slide the colored gems horizontally or vertically in order to create a match of three of more. You can replay levels by clicking on them in the map menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewel Mania

What is an 'Illegal Swap'? 
An 'Illegal Swap' is where the player attempts to move a block when there is no match possible. This will cause the block to go back to its original position. The practice is discouraged so that players do not simply start swiping at the board at random.

How do I make power up? 
If you want to make a power up you must make a match of four or more blocks. Four block matches will create a horizontal or vertical booster (Depending on which direction the final block came from), five block matches make a diamond. T-shaped matches will create a bomb.

What is Gold Used For?
Gold is the hard currency of the game. You can use it to buy more turns or continue playing if you get a game over, buy power-ups or refill your energy.

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