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About Juice Jam

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: SGN | Platform: Mobile
Juice Jam is free to download, with in-app purchases. It was created by SGN, the creators of the game Cookie Jam. It’s another Bejeweled style game, but with a couple of fruity twists that make it a lot sweeter to play. Match lines of fruit together to make all kinds of delicious smoothies for your thirsty customers and make your way across a colorful map with your faithful companion, Mango. The game is available for mobile on Android and iOS.

Juice Jam: Core Challenges

Thanks to its huge variety, Juice Jam is definitely the most challenging matching game I have ever played. Thankfully, we have some pro tips to help you get jamming.

Combine Your Power-up: The power-ups are great on their own, but did you realize that there are some potent combinations when you mix them up? For example, using the multicolored fruit slice on one of the horizontal or vertical slicing power-ups will result in the creation of loads of slicing powerups which automatically start bursting and pretty much clears your entire screen before it refills. This is great if you were stuck trying to find good combinations.

Try To Finish Quickly: If you finish with turns left over the remaining turns are used to add power-ups that’ll boost your score on the board. For each extra turn, another power-up will be put down. This can be the difference between a one-star score and three.

Get Rid Of Obstructions First: In Juice Jam, there are a number of obstructions such as pies and cake tins. To get rid of them, make combinations alongside them. You'll need all the space you can get if you want to make some winning combos so be sure to work on this at the very start.

Juice Jam: What We Like About It

Juice Jam is a standout entry in the bloated genre of matching games. It simply has a lot more to offer than its competitors and builds on the foundations set by games like Fat Princess and Bejeweled.  Here are just a few reasons why we love SGN’s Juice Jam:

Lots of Mechanics: There is so much to do in this game it's hard to call it a simple matching game. Every few levels a new mechanic is added to bring in more challenges. This can be a new fruit that behaves differently or a completely new item such as bees, which you have to match to create honey, and then match something over the top of the honey in order to collect it.

Fun Characters: Juice Jam is host to a creative cast of cute faces. Each customer is made to resemble their fruit of choice, but there are also characters like a mother penguin and her many babies who you have to serve popsicles. There is also the main antagonist of the game, the fat cat who tries to thwart you with difficult orders. Finally, what game would be complete without a faithful doggy sidekick? Mango fills the role perfectly!

Style: Both visually and audibly the game is stunning, the characters and map are colorful, and the voice acting is extremely well done. Even the noise of matching fruit together sounds fun and playful. The soundtrack is something pleasant to leave on in the background, which I found myself doing more than once.

Juice Jam: Story and Gameplay

The story of Juice Jam is pretty simple. You own your own smoothie shop and want to travel the world selling your tasty drinks to everyone. You serve your customers by matching the fruits they want for their smoothie together. With each new region you enter you'll be given even more mechanics to work with, such as growing fruits and harvesting honey. The game is pretty challenging — especially once you get past the level 50 mark.

Juice Jam: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Multicolor Slice?
Match together a row of five or greater fruits of the same color. The easiest way to do this is to drop one row down to the level of the other by making a combination beneath it. The fruit slice is great for shaking things up a bit and boosting your score.

How Do I Grow Fruit?
Match fruits alongside the pots of fruit. You'll have to repeat this quite a few times before the fruits spring out. If you look carefully, you'll be able to see the fruits grow with each new match.

How Do I Feed Mango?
Mango is your lovable pet companion. To feed him simply make combinations over all of the crackers on your board, Mango will eat them all at the end of the level if you succeed. Some crackers may require multiple matches over them.

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