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About Kerbal Space Program

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Squad | Platform: PC
Developed and published by Squad, Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a physics-based sandbox space simulator available on PC and PlayStation 4.

In the game, players design and construct a spacecraft out of a variety of materials, and launch them from the Kerbal Space Center. Once launched, the player has to control it and have it complete missions, such as going into orbit, landing on certain planets, or building a space station. 

Kerbal Space Program, which is known for its complexity and detail in showing the physics of space travel, has a particularly challenging learning curve. However, it can also be both educational and fun, especially for fans of simulators with an interest in physics.

Kerbal Space Program: What We Like The Most

KSP can be tricky, but it is incredibly gratifying when a mission goes well. Here are a few things that we liked about the game:

It’s educational, but enjoyable
Physics can be a hard topic to study, especially when you include aerospace design and engineering, as well. However, Kerbal Space Program succeeds in turning a complex scientific topic into a game that’s not only fun, but also replayable.

KSP checks its seriousness at the door
The realities of space travel such as atmospheric pressure, gravity, and the temperature at liftoff and reentry will affect your spacecraft. However, KSP lightens the mood and balances out its incredibly detailed design with its use of Kerbals, who are little green aliens often used for comic relief with their slapstick humor.

The sky’s (not literally) the limit
For a game of its size, the Kerbal universe is absurdly large and there is loads to explore. You will get to send your Kerbals to different planets and on a variety of different missions. There are literally thousands of possible combinations for constructing your spacecraft, and a range of ways to succeed each mission. Kerbal Space Program gives you the impression that anything is possible.

The Basics of Kerbal Space Program

It is up to you to design the spacecraft for the space program. You have a range of materials and parts at your disposal, and you decide how you put them together, which will affect how your ship flies. Your goals for a successful space program are to build a spaceship that can complete the required mission and return home without killing the crew.

KSP can be played in various modes, such as: 
Sandbox, a completely open mode where you can try out all the different spaceship components; 
Science, which sets milestones and gives you money to research when you achieve them; 
Career, where you’re in charge of a facility, and are required to manage the money, contracts, and public opinion about the space program. 

Kerbal Space Program Strategy: Core Challenges

KSP is quite open ended, and there are a range of different options for how you can design your spacecraft. Below are some general suggestions and strategies for how to maximize the success of your space program:

A large part of spaceship design involves trial and error. One way that KSP has simplified this process is that all the different parts can attach onto your craft basically anywhere. It’s better to start with something small, and have that work well, and then slowly build on that by adding new technology, rather than randomly chopping and changing your ship design. 

2. Pay attention to the reports
For each launch that you do, you will receive reports on your successes and failures. The engineer’s report is particularly useful for advising about issues with your ship’s construction. Even if you’re just trying out your spacecraft, this will narrow down the materials you should use (and where, and how), which will help you get closer to a successful launch.

3. Be persistent
It’s highly unlikely that your first few missions will succeed. Try, and then try again. Learn from your mistakes. Even small successes will help along the way, and feel like huge steps in the progress of your space program.  

Top User Questions About Kerbal Space Program

Where do I start? 
Although you can jump right in to KSP, the Kerbal Space Program game tutorials are quite basic and won’t give you a good idea of how to succeed. Playing in sandbox mode lets you see all the available options for spaceship design, so it’s a good place to get your feet wet without the consequence of ruining your space program’s reputation.

What should I build first?
The most straightforward spacecraft to design and maneuver are rockets. In KSP, a rocket is basically a pointy cone on top of an engine, and other components (such as fins and thrusters) can be added later. Space planes are the most difficult, so it is advisable to start with a rocket to learn the dynamics of how the game works, and then go from there.

What’s a gravity turn and how do I do one? 
A gravity turn is where you launch your craft at an angle and use its sideways momentum to escape orbit. Launch your craft vertically, but turn it slightly after a certain point (around 10,000m). Gravity will pull the craft down, but the centrifugal forces from the tilt will decrease the effects of gravity. Your craft will gain speed sooner, which will save you fuel and time spent.

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