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About Killer Instinct

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Genre: Fighting | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | Platform: Console
Killer Instinct is an aggressive 3D fighting game that is sure to delight both teenage and adult gamers, and aficionados of 3D fighting games in general. The game has a very similar feel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, or even Street Fighter IV, while still maintaining its own distinct flavor.

Developed by Double Helix Games, the fighter is available for the Xbox One and Windows. If you’re new to the KI universe, you’re bound to be hungry for lots of Killer Instinct tips and tricks, whether that’s in the form of Killer Instinct character strategies or understanding Killer Instinct secrets. So ready your warrior and prepare for battle. 

The Basics of Playing Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct was a much-loved fighting series from the ‘90s that has seen a fortuitous resurrection. Although more than a decade has passed, Killer Instinct picks up right where the previous titles left off, seeing monsters pitted against each other, with the villainous Ultratech largely to blame. 

Killer Instinct keeps it pretty bare bones here, giving you a streamlined fighting title that notably consists of Arcade/Story, VS (both online and off), and Training Dojo gameplay modes. Killer Instinct’s fighting might seem intimidating to beginners, but fights are basically reduced to attacks, specials, combos, and combo breakers

Killer Instinct Strategy: Core Challenges

Killer Instinct can be a frightening arena if you don’t know what you’re doing. So because every combo has a combo breaker, here are some tips that should make new Killer Instinct players feel like seasoned pros.

1. Learn C-C-C-Combo Breakers and learn them fast
Killer Instinct is a fast-paced game that lives and dies off of combos. Sure, you might be able to make your way far enough against the computer by mashing buttons and hoping for the best, but elsewhere, if you don’t take the time to learn combo breakers, you’re going to be left in the dust. 

2. Online VS is your friend
If you want to truly improve, take advantage of the online players at your disposal. While this might all seem button mash-y and chaotic, there is absolutely a deep thoughtful battle system at play here where you need to get in your opponent’s head, almost like in a match of poker. Pulling off any sort of move makes you vulnerable to another, and anticipating your fighter is crucial. 

3. Frequent the Training Dojo often
Each of the fighters in Killer Instinct have a wildly different playing style with different instinct powers leading to various effects. The game’s Training Dojo tutorial is a fantastic tool to not only better you in the game but also get you comfortable with each of the characters. 

Killer Instinct: What We Like the Most

There are a lot of fighting games out there, all vying for your attention and time, but Killer Instinct does a fine job at managing to stand out amongst the rest of bloody ilk.

Beautiful Design
Killer Instinct sports a gorgeous updated look to the classic game, with aesthetics in general that do the franchise justice for the first time.  

Breakneck Gameplay
Killer Instinct operates very comfortably at 60 fps, with even its online battles going down lag-free. Double Helix has created a very balanced fighter, which otherwise could have left this title broken. Instead, efficiency is allowed that facilitates the huge combos the game is known for. You’ll be racking up combos that consist of at least fifty hits pretty early on; with more seasoned players breaking 200 hit combos with relative ease.

Extra Content
Killer Instinct offers up a number of unlockable items and flair to keep you coming back to the game that go a long way. And if you managed to pick up the Ultra Edition of the game, you also get the original Killer Instinct titles included, which is a pretty serious deal.

Top User Questions About Killer Instinct

What's the best character for a beginner to start with in Killer Instinct? 
Jago and Sabrewulf both operate quite easily from the start, both of them with simpler combos. If you have any previous experience with fighters, Jago would be a wise choice. He’s basically a Ryu or Ken surrogate. The even more uninitiated should go with Sabrewulf.

How do I unlock Omen in Killer Instinct? 
Omen is ONLY available through the Combo Breaker and Ultra Edition Packs. He cannot be unlocked or purchased separately.

How do I fight Shadow Jago in Killer Instinct? 
The Shadow Jago fight is reached by completing Arcade/Story on the Hard difficulty, earning two supreme victories before your rival, ultra your rival (6th opponent) and the opponent before that, while suffering no losses. You must also have seen all three endings for the character you’re playing as.

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