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About Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Glu Games | Platform: Mobile
Reality star, Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game is one the hottest games available in the market today. Developed by Glu Mobile, the game has reportedly made over $200 million in revenue. The Kim Kardashian game is a free to download mobile game.  It’s a fun, interactive and extremely addictive game targeted towards casual female gamers. Kim K Hollywood not only gives young women an opportunity to feel what it’s like to live in the glitz and glamour of being a world-class A-lister, but also the responsibility and hard work it takes to rise to the A-list with Kim K herself mentoring you along the way.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game: What We Like The Most

Based on the number of female gamers obsessing with this game, there’s clearly many things to love about playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game. But here are three things about the game that make it stand out the most. 

In the world of Kim Kardashian Hollywood, you truly get to be yourself! You can customize everything from your hair, nails, facial features, skin tone and of course your fabulous wardrobe! You can change this up at any time throughout the game and are encouraged to do so. The more stylish you are, the quicker you will rise to A-list status. 

What’s unique about Kim Kardashian Hollywood is that you will encounter many twists and turns in the story line based on your performance in the game. You will have an arch nemesis, go on countless dates, experience love and break ups, be faced with rejection and have great success! 

You get to be friends with Kim Kardashian
The best part about the Kim Kardashian Game is that you actually get to be BFF’s with Kim Kardashian! She opens up the door for you and mentors you throughout your entire journey to fame. She will shop with you, party with you, travel with you, set you up on dates and connect you to key people in the industry. She is the key to your success! 

The Basics of Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

This game is all about you and your rise to stardom with Kim Kardashian at your side. In Kim K Hollywood, your main purpose is making it onto the A-list by working as a model/actress/spokesperson/entrepreneur. In order to progress in the game, you will need energy and Kim K Koins which can get pretty costly as this game is insanely addictive. 

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Challenges

The biggest challenge in the Kim Kardashian game is not spending $200+ a week as we’ve seen many horror stories of users spending a ridiculous amount playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. There’s a reason Kim K Hollywood is one of the most profitable games ever! Your money doesn’t go a long way when playing the Kim Kardashian game which is how many get into trouble. It costs money to purchase new outfits, buy homes, cars, date, get energy to complete tasks, network, get your hair done and travel in Kim K Hollywood. So here’s a few Kim Kardashian tips to help you on your rise to fame

Set Timers
The way you progress in the Kim Kardashian game is by completing tasks within a certain time frame. However, you need energy points in order to complete the tasks. The tasks typically require much more energy than what’s being given and if you do not complete the task on time, your status diminishes.  The only way to get more energy is to purchase them or wait for the energy bank to slowly refill. The best way to handle this is by setting timers for yourself to remind you to gradually complete the tasks throughout the day. This way you aren’t spending outrageous amounts for energy points and you maintain your status. 

Be Selective with Tasks
You collect stars or hearts to complete tasks and some tasks will reward you with more stars or hearts than others. So when you’re playing Kim K Hollywood, you want to be selective with the tasks you choose and go for the ones that will reward you with the most stars or hearts.  

Take the High Road
There are many dramatic scenarios that occur in the world of Kim Kardashian Hollywood and as in real life, the best way to handle these situations is to take the high road. This will in turn give you the most points possible. 

Top User Questions About Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

There are plenty of Kim Kardashian tips available on the internet to show you secret spots to find bonus energy and money. Also, in the Kim Kardashian game, they offer free K Koins and money after watching short advertisements but these are very limited. 

Why is everyone I meet in the game so rude? 
You start out as a D-Lister, nobody at the start of your road to Kim Kardashian Hollywood fame and as a D-Lister, no one will really pay attention to you which is frustrating. You can use Kim K Koins to “charm” people into speaking to you however, Kim K Koins are extremely rare in pricey to purchase. 

The quickest way to rise to the A-List is to complete all tasks on time, charm everyone you meet and buy everything. This will cost a ridiculous amount but it’s certainly the quickest way to rise to the top! 

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