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Genre: MMO | Publisher: Riot Games | Platform: PC
A truly iconic example of the popular MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) genre, League of Legends sets two teams of champions against each other in free-to-play, 5 vs. 5 online matches.

The flagship title from Riot Games, League of Legends features frenzied combat both large and small in scale set in a fantasy universe populated with a staggering array of creatures available as playable characters.

Easy to learn but challenging to truly master, fans of fantasy RPGs or fast-paced online combat games will easily lose themselves in unlocking new League of Legends champions and trying out new tactics to devastate the enemy team.

League of Legends: What We Like The Most

Successfully crossing Summoner's Rift with your chosen champion not only offers a sense of personal accomplishment while learning the best League of Legends tactics and strategies with any given character, but also instills camaraderie with a team when taking on enemy champions and overcoming their turret defenses.

Fast, balanced gameplay
Other than the respawn time after being mowed down by a turret or slaughtered by an enemy champion, there's essentially no down time in any given match. Each team will constantly be on the move, and success early in a mission doesn't guarantee a win – a team that perseveres and launches the right kinds of attacks at the correct moment can easily overcome losses to win out at the end.

Distinctive visual style
Blending together two art forms, League of Legends uses gorgeous watercolor style backgrounds with 3D effects for terrain, while the champions and minions instead feature more of a cell shaded appearance.

There is no shortage of options for fantasy fans when it comes to the available champions to choose from – and not just in terms of play style. Combining many different elements not usually seen together, a League of Legends player can end up utilizing elven archers, werewolves, ice dragons, animated scarecrows, pirates, mummies, mechanical golems and more. 

The Basics of League of Legends Play

Forcing teams to work together and players to discover the most efficient combinations of skills and spells for each champion, League of Legends tasks each side with marching across battle lanes and destroying the enemy nexus point in Summoner's Rift, or instead capturing and holding map points in Dominion mode.

Managing to keep your turrets and minions alive to assault the opposing team's assets is a matter of learning how to use the various abilities of the assassin, fighter, support, mage, marksman and tank roles while earning money and experience in battle to quickly upgrade your champion.

League of Legends: Core Challenges

Winning matches requires players to work together as a team to constantly be on both offense and defense, knowing when to push into enemy territory and when to fall back and defend an embattled turret. These League of Legends strategies will help take your character from champion to legend.

1. Utilizing turrets
The AI controlled minions attack in three predetermined lanes, and enemy turrets won't fire at you if there are minions available to target. Always try to stay behind minions when assaulting a turret, and if you find your champion gravely injured, pull back to a friendly turret rather than pushing your advantage. Your team's turrets will always target enemy champions if they directly attack you, making turrets an effective defense when low on health.

2. Balancing the team
Due to the wide load out of champions available, your team will likely have a diverse range of characters in any given battle. Take advantage of each champion's strengths, keeping marksmen well behind front line fighters with higher defense, and choose summoner spells that offset your champion's weaknesses. A well-timed barrier spell for instance is better at keeping your low hit point mage alive than using a healing spell after the fact.

3. Runes and masteries
Much like skill trees in single player RPGs, masteries and runes become available as you increase your profile level by winning matches. Don't forget to add new masteries at each level to gain bonuses to mana, health, and damage while also buying runes to give your champion both offensive and defensive boosts.

Top User Questions About League of Legends

How do items and champion levels work in matches? 
Unlike in a traditional RPG, items and equipment don't carry over from match to match – your champion starts with nothing and has to earn money during each match. Likewise, your champion has to earn experience and choose which abilities to power up in each match, giving you the option to choose different combinations in every battle.

What's the point of the jungle
Outside the three lanes of combat is jungle terrain populated by neutral monsters, which offer gold and experience when defeated. Your champion can also hide in the jungle, making you invisible to enemy players and unable to be targeted by their attacks. When combined with abilities that slow down or immobilize targets, attacking from the jungle can be devastating to unsuspecting enemy champions.

What are Riot Points and Influence Points? 
Riot Points are bought with real money, while Influence Points are earned by playing matches. Riot Point costs are generally much lower, so spending money results in faster acquisition of new champions and skins, but everything can be earned for free by putting in enough time and effort. Riot Games also publishes upcoming League of Legends sale schedules each month, so plan ahead for what you want to buy.

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