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About Legend of Grimrock 2

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Almost Human Ltd. | Platform: PC
Legend of Grimrock 2 is a first-person dungeon crawler created by Almost Human. Players looking for a game full of dungeons, puzzles, and secrets will quickly find themselves at home with Grimrock 2.

Improving upon the first game, Legend of Grimrock 2 has more skills, more items, and a much larger adventure to complete. New players may be very confused with the different party customization options and skill upgrades. However, once the player gains a greater understanding of these, they can be used to their full potential.

Legend of Grimrock 2: What We Like the Most

Fans of old-school dungeon crawlers will have a great time from the start. But here are three things that make this game stand out from what we’ve had in the past:

Party Customization
With the different choices of race, class, and abilities, you may find yourself trying to optimize your entire group from the start. In Grimrock 2, each race and class has their own particular strengths and weaknesses, and forming your team around them will be the key to make them the best they can be.

Secrets for Everyone
Around every corner, there might be a secret waiting for you. Whether it’s as straightforward as pushing a button to find a chest, or a gigantic chain of different puzzles resulting in a powerful weapon, being perceptive will always result in a nice pile of loot.

The Dungeon Builder
For those who might find the standard package a bit bland, you can even build your own dungeon and share it with the world. With enough effort, you might just make something that can test the greatest of explorers. 

The Beginning of Grimrock 2

When you start up a new game, you’ll be given several choices for configuring your session. For newcomers, it’s recommended to create your own party and to keep monster difficulty at Normal. The remaining options, such as disabling the mini-map or only letting you save only at Healing Crystals are for veteran players with much more experience.

Once you create your party, you’ll start out caged on a beach. From that point on, you can bust out of the cage and begin exploring the island. This first zone will let you get your bearings on movement and attacks before you can progress further.

Legend of Grimrock 2: Core Challenges

You won’t end up winning if you just fight monsters and grab what’s in plain sight. There are a few things you’ll need to know if you want to fully conquer this game:

1. Learn how to fight
Combat in this game isn’t just running face-first into a monster and hoping you win. Monsters will move and attack on their own, and cornering yourself might be enough to end you. It’s important to master hit and run tactics, since your team’s attacks will have cool downs. In addition, strafing around your enemy will give you an edge, as they usually won’t turn quickly.

2. Focus on certain skills
As you level up, you’ll gain skill points to level abilities. Unfortunately, you’ll never gain enough points to max out all of the skills on every character. Having each character prioritize certain skills will let you earn the most benefits from the different skill trees.

3. Stay perceptive
It’ll take a large dose of patience to solve the puzzles scattered around the Isle of Nex. Take a look at everything around you — things on the wall might look odd, or there may be a statue that requires an item. If you’re having trouble, think of it as a point-and-click adventure game. Click everything and use everything with everything else.

Top User Questions about Legend of Grimrock 2

What are the best classes in the game? 
There isn’t a single class that’s the best. The key of creating your party is to form a group that can put in some work in every field. However, the Alchemist is a recommended class, as it’ll let you duplicate materials needed for creating potions.

How do you cast spells? 
When you want to cast a spell, you have to right-click an equipped magic-casting item, whether it’s a magic staff, an orb, or the hand of a class that can cast magic naturally. After that, you click or drag on the runes required to cast the spell, and then you click the icon that is the resulting spell.

Why can’t I attack with my melee weapon
Only party members in the front can attack with melee weapons. Party members in the back will have to rely on ranged weapons or spells to attack. Think of your party being in a consistent formation.

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