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About Medieval Engineers

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Keen Software House | Platform: PC
Developed by Keen Software House, Medieval Engineers is exactly as it sounds. At its core, it is about building gigantic castles and settlements. Then, of course, destroying them. You are only limited by your imagination. If you can dream it, you can build it. If you’re bored with games like Minecraft or The Sims then Medieval Engineers is a selection you may wish to try out if you don’t want to deal with keeping people alive.

The visuals in Medieval Engineers are beautifully done and the mechanics, unlike similar games, are easier to learn and a lot more intuitive than what you would imagine. In addition, Medieval Engineers is still in its early access phase so there are a lot of tweaks that can still be made. Recently, they’ve added resource collection and bandits to destroy your buildings. Oh, and a multiplayer mode so you need not build alone.

Strategy: The Core Challenges of Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers is, at its core, a building game. With that in mind, it’s easy to say that the tools used to build, even at this early access stage, are wonderful to use. There are a few Medieval Engineers tip and tricks you can use to get the best out of this wonderfully crafted game.

1. Do not limit yourself
One of the best things about Medieval Engineers is that whatever you can imagine, you can build. If you don’t like it then you can destroy it and start over. And destroying your creations is really fun. Really, really fun.

2. Play with the environment
There is nothing more annoying than building on flat land. In Medieval Engineers you can use your tools to create the landscape that you want to build on. Want a mountain? Make it. Forest? Go for it. You can even make caves. Go crazy.

3. Take advantage of the multiplayer in Medieval Engineers
Though the game is new, the multiplayer system is nice to use. Meet people, invite your friends, and build castles. Hopefully, in time they will add an element where you can destroy rival castles but only time will tell.

4. Play custom first
To learn the game, choose the custom game first and turn off structural integrity. This allows you to build without worrying about physics. Once you’re familiar, turn it on and let the buildings crumble or collapse at their leisure.

What We Like About Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers has gotten great reviews very early on despite its level of completion. That alone is a great sign. There is plenty to like about Medieval Engineers from gameplay to graphics, to how your castles crumble. It’s all pretty cool.

Highest Level of Detail
The folks over at Keen Software House has spent a lot of time making the details a highlight of their game. The castles in Medieval Engineers look foreboding and monstrous, and the forests look mysterious and alluring. The designing of your fortresses is simple enough to build out of the box which makes it cool right from the start.

Not Just Castles
The medieval era was a dangerous one where a stubbed toe could result in death. Castles were a prominent feature of the landscape because everyone wanted land, power, and loot. Since there are no attackers looking to besiege you there are other ways to amuse yourself. Build siege engines! Once you build your first catapult in Medieval Engineers you’ll be hooked. Especially when you get to use it to knock down your castle or buildings.

Out of the Box, Easy Gameplay
Unlike most games, there really is no mastering Medieval Engineers — it’s just not that type of game. The best you can do is master the tools and physics of the game in order to build the best strongholds and siege machines you can. The tools are simple to use so you do not have to consume your time learning every nook and cranny. There is plenty to do and you’ll be able to do it right away.

Basic Gameplay of Medieval Engineers

You are a Medieval Engineer, your task is simple: build. Basically, you’re the civil engineer of this vast landscape. Be it mountain ranges, caverns, or the wilderness you can build in it as well as destroy. You can create entire villages with a lovely castle overlooking it from a cast mountain range or decide on a quaint little fort with grass huts. Whatever you dream, you can build.

The gameplay of Medieval Engineers is nothing fantastic or inventive. But that is actually a great highlight of this game because it allows you to build right away without delving too far into the mechanics of what you’re doing. The only possible downfall is that there is a lot to play with it so it will take you time to adjust to the vast options available to you. All in all, the controls are point and click with dragging and dropping. Simple. Easy. No fuss.

Favorite Questions of Medieval Engineers

What is creative mode
This is the most popular way to play Medieval Engineers on Steam. Essentially, you can fly around the world to scope out your surroundings. Your resources are also unlimited.

How do I use different materials in Medieval Engineers? 
Buildings weren’t only made from stone. That’s not very practical and that’s not how Medieval Engineers was designed. When you’re in the game hit “G” to access the blocks tab. From here you can move the materials you’d like to use to your toolbar by drag and drop. You can have multiple toolbars as well so set up Medieval Engineers to your liking.

How do I move? 
You want to be able to get around, right? Medieval Engineers allows you to view everything from a top-down perspective or extended first person (like a Skyrim). To move you use the same keys as you would for most games. Forward is W, backward is S, slide right is D, and slide left is A.

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