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About Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: WB Games | Platform: Console
Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor is an open world hack and slash adventure game that utilizes the Lord of The Rings theme to its full potential. The game goes beyond the linearity of the older Lord of The Ring titles by introducing a sprawling open world with awesome quests and side activities to pursue. Throw in a fluid combat system that’s reminiscent to the Bat Man games developed by Rock Steady and a unique nemesis system that complements the experience of hunting down enemies. 

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor: What We like Most

Shadow of Mordor is unique, fresh and is a total surprise for the franchise. The game does a lot of things that that other open world games fail to deliver, which is utilizing a new game mechanic that seamlessly ties into the core experience.

Thriving Open World
The open world that Talion must journey through is beautiful, large and packed with plenty of things to do. The sandbox feel of the game constructs an effective living environment that represents an amazing representation of Mordor in between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. With Saruman's forces patrolling, wild life roaming, and plenty of quests to take on, this is one of the best open worlds to start an amazing adventure in.

Fluid Combo Combat
Shadow of Mordor uses a combat system similar to the new Batman games. Talion can focus on a single target and switch to another with just a button hit and the flick of the analog stick. Not only is the combat fluid, but it also looks amazing while pulling off executions and flurry strikes. The game successfully makes the player feel like they’re actually in the role of Talion and not just a tag along for the ride. 

The Nemesis  System
The nemesis system is a fresh new game mechanic that hasn’t really been done in other games. This mechanic has the player plan on taking down lower ranked leading enemies and gradually working their way up the strongest foes. The player can take advantage over power struggles, have leaders turn on one another, create allies and gain info. All of these actions are cleverly woven into side missions that can be found throughout Mordor.

A great tip for Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor is to construct the elven towers found throughout Mordor. These towers act as fast travel locations and point out the locations of collectibles and missions. The collectibles can reward the player with upgrade points and the added quests can offer more opportunities as well. 

The Basics of Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor is an open world action adventure game that takes place in between the events of the Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings time line. Talion must fight his way through the ranks of Saruman's army throughout Mordor, by completing quests and utilizing the nemesis system. Talion can fight, control or sabotage important enemy leaders throughout the nemesis system. How he uses these key leaders is up to the player as there are multiple actions can be done to get closer to the highest target, the war chief. Slowly work your way up the chain of power, by finding and mind controlling the weaker captains, Talion can use them to fight other leaders and gain power. Once Talion's controlled captain is strong enough, he can aid Talion in a fight against a Warchief. Take advantage of these power struggles, as they can work out in Talion's favor. 

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor: Core Challenges

The two most important things to pay attention to in Shadow of Mordor are capturing the elven towers and focusing on Saruman's army. The elven towers expand Talion's vision of the map, create fast travel locations and show where hidden items are in the area. Focus on Saruman's army with the nemesis system, as you'll want to know who is most vulnerable to become Talion's next pawn. 

Middle-Earth Shaow of Mordor Tips and Tricks #1 Taking Down a War Chief 
The best strategy I always use is take any dominated captains that you own and have them be initiated to a selected war chief. If you don’t have any controlled captains, then I would complete a few power struggle missions and dominate a few captains. Once your initiated captain, that you still control, becomes the war chief’s body guard, you can have him betray the war chief and act as a powerful ally at your side. For the level twenty war chiefs I would recommend initiating two or three captains to the war chief that you want to kill.

Middle-Earth Shaow of Mordor Tips and Tricks #2 Captain and Warchief Execution Strategy 
Try stunning the target, follow up with a flurry, then perform a ground execution and finish with a standing execution. This string of attacks works well against regular captains, sometimes you might have to change up the chain when fighting certain war chiefs, but this strategy is very effective. Some war chiefs may have invulnerabilities to certain attacks. Another good thing about this approach is that it’s the quickest way to kill or dominate these powerful targets before reinforcements arrive and surround you.

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