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About Midnight Star

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Industrial Toys | Platform: Mobile
Midnight Star is a first-person shooter from Industrial Toys exclusively for iOS. Set in the near future, Midnight Star follows Charlie Campbell, a recent military graduate who uncovers an ancient alien artifact and must wield the power it granted him to save the solar system.

Players traverse through alien worlds on a rail system, shooting aliens as they pop out from behind rocks and buildings similar to an arcade cabinet shooter. Players must utilize a mix of power-ups and guns as they travel through various environments. 

Where Midnight Star excels

Lots of games have tried to bring first-person shooters to mobile devices but few have done so successfully. Midnight Star combines everything we love about first-person shooters and adapts it for the mobile gamer. 

Easy to Use Controls
In Midnight Star, player can customize controls to make aiming more accurate based on their preferred play style. The small amount of movement that players control appear as popups on either side of Campbell’s HUD. The popups are color coded, from blue to yellow and then to red, to tell you how close the enemy is to damaging you. Certain weapons offer the ability to zoom in by flicking on the screen, highlighting weak points and increasing accuracy. 

With a wide range of weapons and abilities to unlock, Midnight Star lets the player decide how they want to play. Guns can be leveled with in-game currency earned by completing missions. Players also earn experience as they complete levels, generating points that can be spent to upgrade Campbell’s attributes

After upgrading Campbell’s abilities and weapons, the challenge maps are where the fun lies. Players can ante up in-game currency to earn the best score in one of three game modes; High Score, Time Trial, or Head Shot.

Midnight Star’s Core Challenges

Midnight Star might be the best shooter out on iOS, but it’s no walk in the park. Make sure to read through these beginner Midnight Star video game tips before diving in.

After the opening action sequences players are bombarded with a dozen different characters and screens, each one explaining the various jobs they perform or upgrades they offer. Keeping track of everything is a bit daunting and might require some experimentation before learning what everything does. 

Managing Ammo
It is all too easy to unload your clip and instantly swap to your secondary weapon but this Midnight Star strategy can leave you vulnerable in later levels of the game. Manually reloading your weapon before switching is crucial for quickly getting yourself out of a deadly situation. Making sure to reload both of your weapons in between firefights is vital as well, as entering the fray with an empty clip will not end well.

Midnight Star likes to keep the screen clear from unnecessary HUD icons which means you only have a few icons to look out for. That said, in the thick of a shootout the enemy indicators on the left or right of the screen can be lost among the bullets. Watching and knowing when to turn Campbell towards oncoming enemies is a key strategy to learn early on in your alien extermination career.

Story and Gameplay

Midnight Star follows Charlie Campbell and the crew of the MSRV-17 Joplin as they work to save a broken solar system. The story might seem light at first, but once players download and read through the companion app, Midnight Rises, written by John Scalzi and illustrated by Mike Choi, the world of Midnight Star becomes huge. Just make sure to login with your Midnight Star username and the achievements you unlock will grant you bonus currency in game.

Midnight Star FAQ

Midnight Star offers a huge amount of content for players to explore but new players can get lost easily. Here are some Midnight Star tips and tricks for mastering the game.

What are the Three Midnight Star Currency Types? 
With three different currencies it can be difficult to keep track of what each one does. Tech Points are earned from playing through story missions and are used in upgrading weapons and abilities. Element can be gambled in Multiplayer Challenges or used to recharge guns and health. Catalyst is the important one, being the only currency that players can purchase. The Catalyst in-game can be used to speed up upgrade timers, purchasing probes, and buying XP multipliers. If you’re unsure how to spend your Catalyst, check out our video How to Spend Money Wisely.

What are the Red and Blue Glowing Objects in the Background? 
Occasionally in levels you will see a glittering object amidst the waves of enemies. These destructible items grant players a health and Element bonus when broken open. The health dispensaries are particularly helpful during difficult firefights against waves of aliens.

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