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About Might & Magic Heroes Online

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Genre: MMO | Publisher: Ubisoft | Platform: PC
Thanks to Ubisoft and TQ Digital, Might and Magic Heroes Online takes us back to the Kingdom of Erathia from Might and Magic Heroes III. Set in a 2D fantasy world where humans and non-humans interact with each other, Might and Magic Heroes Online has you select a faction, good or evil, upon finishing your simple single-page registration. Each of the two choices also has the class you can select, be it either a knight or magic user.

The game is incredibly straight forward, with your tasks given on the main screen. In the beginning you are immediately thrown into a boss battle, but you will get a fantastic tutorial as you’re thrown to the fire. In a lot of ways, this type of game is like chess: it takes great strategy and skill to be successful.

Strategy: The Core Challenges of Might and Magic Heroes Online

Might and Magic Heroes Online is fairly simple to learn and offers a wonderful experience for any fan of online roleplaying games. Unlike a typical hack and slash concept, you also need to handle resources, build towns, and form larger armies. Might and Magic Heroes Online offers some unique challenges, but hopefully these few tips can help you have a more rewarding experience.

1. Ignore the traffic
When you are first starting to play Might and Magic Heroes Online you will quickly notice a lot of people running through the game. Your first reaction is, “What should you do?” but you don’t do anything. They are other gamers like you going on the same quests you are. And, while older players can give you good advice, interaction with them is purely optional.

2. Follow the cues
Heroes of Might and Magic Online is very good at providing you with a helping hand — take it! Your cues on screen will guide you through the quests, interactions, and anything else you can think of.

3. Be mindful of the map
Your map is located at the top right of the screen — you are in yellow while fights are in red. Other colors are points of interest.

What We Like About Might and Magic Heroes Online

Might and Magic Heroes Online has a long gaming tradition in the roleplaying world. When we weren’t playing Neverwinter Nights or some other Dungeons & Dragons game, we were playing this. As an online game it holds its own as a barebones offering and a great starter for those new to online gaming. But there are other reasons why we like Heroes of Might and Magic Online:

Might and Magic Heroes Online is like coming home again. It’s a very romantic look at the games of old. The appearance of the game and the gameplay itself are very nice in that you know what to do without having to spend a lot of time figuring things out. You can jump right in.

It’s Free
Regardless of any type of issues with gameplay, it is free. For something as beautiful and as robust as Might Magic Heroes Online to be free is a gift from the gaming gods.

Options Galore
For a free game you expect a knuckle dragging experience. Slow, clunky, and unrefined. Sure, Might and Magic Heroes Online does not live up to the previous versions but you needn’t contend with servers and whatever else. Here, you get to play with others in a rich game world (did I mention it was free?) where you can upgrade your characters. Collect cool stuff, and cast spells all the while experiencing a nice story.

Basic Gameplay of Might and Magic Heroes Online

We open on an attack of a Haven stronghold. Our goal? Smite the griffin. He blocks the gate and we want to get through it. Might and Magic Heroes Online reintroduces us to the wonderful world of hexagons. You are the commander and your legions of followers are at your beck and call. Combat is turn based and order is determined by each characters initiative collectively and individually. Your movement will be highlighted and you can position your pawn, or faithful follower. Or you can attack if you have a ranged weapon. From here on out it is all wait for your turn much like Final Fantasy.

You can cast spells on your turn or attack before the rest of your squad does your bidding. Be careful though, if they’re defeated then so are you. Be very mindful of your mana (for spells) and the health of your squad. Their poor health carries with them from battle to battle. There is no shame in running away if the battle is too much for you. Well, there is, but at least you’ll live to fight another day.

Interacting with NPC characters and PCs is simple. Just click on them. The game will do the rest. You can also ask for help from fellow players or challenge them to duels. You can trade weapons and armor if you like. At the end of the day, Might and Magic Heroes Online is a lot of fun with very few drawbacks and the price of FREE makes those issues manageable.

Top Questions of Might and Magic Heroes Online

Should I play the other Might and Magic titles first? 
No, you certainly don’t have to in order to follow the game’s mild story. There is nothing connecting the other incarnations of this game to Might and Magic Heroes Online. 

Is it hard to level up? Is there anything special I have to do? 
It is very easy to level up in Might Magic Heroes Online. Complete quests, interact, and kill bad guys. Earn enough XP and you’ll improve. The game will automatically do it for you. The only thing you will need to do is spend your extra points however you like from spells to combat.

I don’t like resource management, can I still enjoy this game? 
Of course! Though, I don’t know for how long because you will be dead. As you progress through the game you will need to get bigger and better team members. This usually means taking care of your home base and gathering resources to build and create an army. It’s all very simple and easy to manage. Don’t let that stop you from getting Might Magic Heroes Online for free.

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