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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Mojang | Platform: Mobile
An epic open-world simulation game, Minecraft has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions worldwide. Minecraft's biggest asset is its nearly infinite exploration. The game also features adventure-like characteristics via weapon/tool crafting, building, and creativity.

Created in 2009 and subsequently published by Mojang, Minecraft is currently available on the current-gen XBOX and PlayStation consoles as well as PC and iOS. The game comes in a variety of core presentations, offering free and paid add-ons such textures, quests, and models.

Minecraft Strategy: Core Challenges

Nighttime Survival
The first challenge a new Minecraft player will be tasked with is surviving the night. During the Minecraft daytime cycle, gamers are allowed to explore wilderness areas to farm for food and supplies. However, this changes once the sun sets and the monsters appear. In order to defend yourself against enemies, you will need to either find or create shelter.

Eventually, you will want a quicker and more secure method for mining precious minerals in Minecraft. This is most easily achieved by utilizing a branch mining method which will allow you to easily access diamonds, gold, silver, and other resources. To do this, dig down to the bedrock portion of a mine and construct passages that make it easy for you to get in and out quickly. Travel can be facilitated even more through the use of a mine cart.

Besides taking damages from enemy attacks or falling and staying underwater too long, Minecraft players much also be wary of their hunger meter. Depending on the difficulty mode selected, a player can actually starve in MinecraftTo avoid such a fate, it is important to seek out sources of food. This can initially be accomplished by defeating any wild animals you come across during early gameplay. As you progress, farms and stables can be constructed to grant more efficient access to healing and help avoid starvation.

Minecraft: What We Like About This Game

Minecraft's genius comes from a combination of its strengths, which include exploration, planning, and creativity.

- From a player's initial moments in the Minecraft game, it becomes obvious that he or she is immersed in a massive world that is yearning for adventure. There are houses, caves, waterfalls, and a slew of other landmarks to discover. Some may be easy to find, while others will require excavation to locate.
- New worlds can be generated randomly -- making Minecraft a joy to replay again and again.

- Depending on which gameplay mode is chosen, Minecraft forces the player to plan ahead in order to survive. Going out into the wilderness or blindly exploring new areas may quickly result in defeat to the nighttime monsters or other enemies.
- Minecraft is best enjoyed when the player prepares ahead of time, whether the goal is the creation of a new mine or making new discoveries.

- Enough can't be said about Minecraft's creative possibilities. Players can mold the worlds to their own liking. Everything from forests to monuments can be built provided the player takes the time to create them.
- Due to the overwhelming number of crafting options, gamers are able to form pretty much anything their imagination can conjure up. Combine that with a massive amount of downloadable content (DLC), and Minecraft is able to provide its fans with over 100 hours of gameplay.

Minecraft Story and Gameplay

There is no specific goal in Minecraft, but rather an overall incentive to continue exploring. There are several Minecraft gameplay modes, headlined by Survival Mode which requires gamers to build shelter, collect resources, and defeat enemies in order to stay alive. Creative Mode provides the play with infinite materials, the ability to fly, as well as invulnerability. Playing this mode is the best way to mold your Minecraft sandbox world without the annoyance of any threat. Adventure Mode allows the player to interact with buttons, levers and other in-game props. Minecraft also features a Multiplayer Mode in which online friends can play cooperatively or against one another.

Minecraft FAQs

Minecraft item crafting is simple. All you have to do is select items from your inventory and place them within the crafting section. More crafting items are available when utilizing a workbench.

Can I share my own worlds with other users? 
Yes, you can. Simply save a world and then upload it if you're using PC, or invite online friends to play if you're enjoying Minecraft on a console. Players can enter and progress in others' created worlds this way.

How do I obtain diamonds? 
Securing diamonds is extremely important in the Minecraft Survival Mode. The best places to find diamonds are within Layers 1-16, although Layer 12 is where they are most plentiful. You will need an iron pickaxe or diamond pickaxe in order to mine for diamonds. You should also bring along plenty of torches to illuminate any caves you encounter.

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