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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Atari | Platform: PC
Published by Atari, Minimum is a striking, multiplayer focused third person shooter that was created by Human Head Studios, the same studio responsible for 2007’s Prey and the classic third person melee game Rune. That pedigree is certainly on display in the fast paced rounds of both gunplay and melee based combats that are Minimum’s bread and butter. Grab a minigun or a katana, build some customizable armor, and charge across the battlefield as you attack the opposing block men in order to defend your titan and achieve the ultimate victory!

Minimum Gameplay Basics

Gameplay in Minimum is split between three separate game modes. Titan Mode is the main option, with players leveling up slowly in order to bring out a massive Titan to pulverize the opposing base. Even though the gameplay is fast paced, you’ll want to keep upgrading your weapons and armor during downtime to keep up with the match’s power curve. 

If that sounds like too much trouble, than you might just prefer the standard Team Deathmatch mode, in which you take fully upgraded versions of your favorite Minimum weapons and run around in old school arena based combat. There aren’t any Titans or levels to worry about in this mode, and it serves as an excellent breather between more competitive Titan matches.

For even more chaos, there is also a Horde mode, which sends waves of AI against a team of opponents. It’s a standard addition in shooters these days, but its inclusion is welcome nonetheless.

Minimum: Core Challenges

Minimum is a unique hybrid of MOBA concepts and arena FPS-style movement and gunplay. As such, there are a few things to learn before diving into the deep end of the pool with this game. Here are a few Minimum tips and strategies you should keep in mind.

Play To Your Weapon’s Strengths
You can spawn with two weapons in Minimum, and you must make sure they compliment your play style if you’re going to be successful. Most players will want one of the game’s standard rifles, as they are an all-around favorite. If you want a close range battle, you can choose from the shotgun, or the more fanciful katana option, which comes with a burst of speed to close in on foes. If you want to stay back, you’ll need either a sniper rifle for precision kills or a launcher for area of effect style carnage.

Don’t Ignore The Upgrades
As in MOBAs, rounds of Minimum’s Titan Mode play like a miniature RPG, and you must upgrade your weapons and armor at certain points in order to remain competitive. Nothing is worse than charging into a fight unprepared, as you not only have to wait for another spawn but you also make your opponents stronger in the process, which can lead to an unnecessary defeat in tight games. 

Learn The Route To Victory
If you really want to get a leg up on the competition, it might be worth it to load into a few bot matches set on unfamiliar territory. Not only can you test out weapons, but you can also plan out routes to take to more populated areas and pull off surprise kills on your online foes.

What We Like About Minimum

The Minimum Game Loot System
Minimum has a customization system similar to Team Fortress 2, allowing you to outfit your warrior with just the right tools for each situation. You gain crafting material by playing matches, and you can spend this currency to build the weapons that you want. There is even support for the Steam Marketplace, allowing you to purchase specific upgrades for weapons and armor that you want right from the start.

Scale of the Battlefield
The maps of Minimum’s Titan Mode are huge and really allow you to feel like you’re involved in a huge scale of conflict with every match. The maps don’t feel hollow, however, as there are also quite a few sectioned off areas that serve as excellent arenas when battles crop up there. Besides that, nothing is more epic than seeing two giant robots punching each other as you run in between their legs on your way to your goal.

Top User Questions About Minimum

Why are there five different Katanas in Minimum?
Within each weapon category in Minimum, there are quite a few different variants, each with varying effects for combat. These differences sometimes are tied to upgrades, such as the Inferno Katana, which only gains its trademark flames after being upgraded three times. The game is good about letting you know exactly what type of weapon you’re building before spending your resources.

What types of micro transactions are available for Minimum?
There are no in-game micro transactions for Minimum, and game modes and new maps are updated for free on a semi-regular basis. If you are looking to spend a bit of extra cash, there are plenty of customization options and different weapons that other players are selling on the Steam Market. Nothing on sale is more than $3 as of this writing, so it could be a good place to spend your trading card money.

What is Minimum’s community like?
Minimum’s player base is a bit more tight-knit than most. Expect to be playing with bots in most matches, but there are still fun games to be had during nights and weekends when the most Minimum players are online. The in-game server browser makes it easy to find a good matchup, and there are a good variety of locations among the available servers.

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