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About Monster Busters

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Purple Kiwii | Platform: Mobile
Climb the tower with your hammer-wielding hero, slay the monster and rescue captured friends: while it may sound like an RPG, Monster Busters is instead an addicting match 3 game with adorable graphics and a steadily increasing level of difficulty.

Developed by Purple Kiwii, Monster Busters offers casual game play and an easy learning curve over an astonishing number of levels for both online PC and mobile devices. With simplistic concepts that build over time into mind-bending puzzles, Monster Busters will have you venturing ever further up the monster-infested tower to find out just how far it reaches.

Monster Busters: What We Like The Most

Avoiding overly complicated game mechanics and making even difficult puzzles incredibly entertaining, Monster Busters provides a satisfying balance of challenge and fun that works equally well for kids or adults.

Varied Puzzle Layouts
While early levels feature standard square puzzle boards, each successive level of the tower adds in new features like holes that prevent matches, different board shapes and immovable blockers. With an ever-changing board, the game stays fresh even over hundreds of levels.

Equipping Bonuses
In a nod to the RPG roots of the game's premise, Monster Busters allows players to earn extra items from treasure chests. Once equipped, these limited use bonuses offer a serious advantage in the next level, like allowing five extra moves to complete the level or starting out a puzzle with a bomb ready to explode.

Casual fun that rewards thinking ahead
Although its possible to complete many levels just by going with the obvious matches on the board, its frequently more worthwhile to avoid easy points and instead focus on destroying monsters at a lower level to line up bigger combos a few moves down the road. Because Monster Busters gives out exponential numbers of bonus points for each move you didn't use on a board, planning ahead pays out big.

The Basics of Monster Busters Play

Starting off at the very bottom of the tower, an enterprising monster buster has a long journey ahead to make it to the top and save all the captured gingerbread men along the way. Clearing out a room and building a ladder to the next floor requires matching together monsters of the same type, with longer strings of monsters offering more points and better combos.

The game doesn't stay the same in each room or floor, however, as the game play is constantly evolving with new challenges and win conditions, from eradicating a specific number of monsters of a certain type to taking down a massive boss or reaching a high score in a limited number of moves.

Monster Busters: Core Challenges

With a deceptively simple premise of matching together three monsters of the same color, a whole lot of road blocks get thrown up for the dedicated player when climbing towards the highest levels of the tower. These Monster Busters strategies will keep you moving ever upward into new heights.

1. Bombs
While matching three creatures together destroys them and alters the board, there are loads of extra points to be earned for carefully planning bigger matches. Four identical monsters in a vertical or horizontal row for instance creates a bomb that will wipe out everything in the row or column, while five monsters lined up in a T or L cross section creates a cross bomb that blows up everything in a large radius. For a real board changer, five monsters in a single row gives a hammer that eradicates random monsters all across the screen.

2. Ice Prisons
Poor gingerbread men have been held hostage by monsters in ice prisons, but you can save them by lining up matching creatures. Ice prisons are tricky though, as they move when you swap monsters, so always move a different monster into the line containing the ice prison and leave the prison where it is to set the gingerbread men free.

3. Bosses
These over sized lords of the tower can't be swapped or matched, so damaging them requires careful planning, as they can only be hurt by destroying lines of monsters directly above, below or on the sides of the boss.

Top User Questions About Monster Busters

What's the point of the hearts at the top of the screen? 
Like the platforming fantasy games that Monster Busters takes inspiration from, your character has a limited number of “lives” that are reduced if you fail a puzzle. Run out of lives and you won't be able to advance any further. Extra lives are available for purchase either with points earned in-game or with real money, and a new life is awarded for every 30 minutes of real time as well.

How do I clear the biggest portion of the map? 
Making bombs is a sure way to get more points, but carefully crafting bombs next to each other is far more efficient, as bombs can be combined for even greater effects. Swapping two ringed bombs of any color for instance creates a huge square explosion, while swapping a cross bomb and horizontal bomb of the same color wipes out seven full rows.

Seriously, how many floors does this tower have? 
Trying to scroll to the top of Monster Busters is an exercise in futility – the game currently features more than 1,200 floors (with more being added over time) and most of those floors have multiple puzzles to solves.

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