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About Monster Warlord

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Gamevil | Platform: Mobile
Published by Gamevil, Monster Warlord is a MMORPG monster collecting and battling mobile game available for Android and iOS.

Core Challenges of Monster Warlord

In Monster Warlord you collect monsters to train and evolve them in order to battle other players and game bosses. Here are three top tips to building up a powerhouse of skilled monsters:

This is completely independent of you monster collecting, as you earn experience through questing and fighting. In Monster Warlord, each level earns you points and refills your health, energy and stamina. In the beginning it’s best to focus all of your efforts on filling the Energy. This way, in one cycle of using your energy questing, you can refill all of your gauges and then level up. The other stats only become relevant when fighting other players, but energy is the easiest and most rewarding.

There are lots of places to fight other players. However, this requires stamina and health – you can't fight if your health drops to 25. Fighting uses stamina and whichever player inflicts the most damage wins. Fight players with the fewest amount of allies for a better chance at winning.

By fusing two monsters together you have the chance of making a new monster of a higher rank. This costs coins to do and doesn't always work, however the higher level your monster the better they are. Be careful to leave at least 6 monsters in you 'God' tier for fighting the first set of quest bosses. Many bosses can only be fought by monsters of a certain tier or lower.

What We Like About Monster Warlord

Monster Warlord is a pretty fun, easy, and addictive MMO with a lot of appeal. It has a cute art style and fun extras and events like team battles, but here are my top three things I love about the game.

Earning The Premium Currency
In Monster Warlord, you can earn the premium currency through tasks and mining. This is great because having to pay for a hard currency of diamonds sucks. I usually have a balance of 200 diamonds just from doing tasks. The premium currency can be used to guarantee combinations work and such.

The game is very sociable. It has a world chat and guilds to join up in. You can put bounties on other players or ask other players to take revenge on a particular player. You can do team battles and summon bosses to defeat with your friend; it's really great fun with friends.

If you stop playing for a while the game starts sending you free diamonds and stamina as well as monsters and even gold. It's a nice surprise to come back to a chest full of goodies.

Story and Gameplay of Monster Warlord

There isn't really a story to Monster Warlord. Your only introduction is your scantily dressed guide telling you how to play the game. The gameplay is very simple. You initiate battles to gain gold and EXP and use some energy or stamina. You collect monsters through random encounters and use them to fight or fuse together. You can participate in team battles or attack other players as you wish. You have to buy buildings to generate income in order to earn gold to look after your common monsters.

Monster Warlord FAQ

What Are Skill Points? 
Skill points are points awarded to players upon leveling up which they can use to add to their stats such as attack, defense, or stamina.

What Is Upkeep? 
Upkeep is the money used to look after common level monsters. The more common level monsters you own, the more money you'll need to maintain their health.

What Are Bounties? 
Bounties are sums of money that players can place on another player to get people to attack them. Whoever reduces their health to zero gets the monetary reward.

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