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About Monument Valley

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Ustwo | Platform: Mobile
Monument Valley, developed and published by the indie game studio Ustwo, is a puzzle game available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Monument Valley is a minimalistic indie game that follows the main character as she travels across the game’s various monuments. Monument Valley is a game that everyone can enjoy. It’s the type of video game that has a simple nature, but still has a high level of complexity to it. 

Monument Valley: Core Challenges

One of the hardest things to do in this game is to alter your perception; however, it is crucial. If you aren’t able to look at the game and see more than meets the eye, you will get stuck very early on in the game. The opposite holds true, too. If you can look at the game world and see more than what lies in front of you, you can easily breeze through the game.

Many mobile games feature a horde of enemies for you to fight your way through. That isn’t the case here. The Crow People are the only “enemies” in the game, and even then, all they really do to antagonize the main character is annoy her and get in the way. While they may seem like difficult obstacles in the game, it is important to remember that sometimes they are just what you need to complete a level.

This game is full of confusing levels that mess with your head. In the process of doing this, you may take a wrong turn and end up in a bad situation; however, there is no situation that is truly helpless. All you have to do is re-evaluate the situation. Doing that, you should be able to find a way back on the right track. If that becomes too hard, just trace your steps and start over from the beginning, and you should be able to find a way to victory.

What We Like About Monument Valley

While this game started off humble, Monument Valley has become extremely popular and now a lot of people play it. Here are three of the things that we loved most about it:

The Simplicity
When it comes to Monument Valley, it is a very simple game. It has some complex levels, but the mechanics behind these levels and the controls are extremely simple. The game consists primarily of taps and drags on the screen to move the main character and the environment around. While some of the ideas behind the game may be complicated, the basics of the game are simple and make the game that much easier to enjoy and play.

The Sounds
One thing that sticks with me after I play a game is usually the soundtrack. Either it is deep and meaningful, with every sound contributing to something or it is simple and loud with all the sounds mashing together to support the chaos of a game. Monument Valley does a great job of falling into the former category by having an amazing soundtrack that you are bound to remember long after you finish playing the game.

The Design
Outside of the sounds, the main other things that sticks with me about a game is the way it is made. If a game is beautifully designed, it will stick in my memory a lot longer than one that’s poorly made. Thankfully, Monument Valley is made extremely well with each level looking more amazing than the last. It is this type of look to a game that makes me come back again and again.

The Story/Gameplay of Monument Valley

Monument Valley is game filled with simplicity and complexity all in one. The main idea of the game is to guide the main character, Ida, from Point A to Point B within the levels of the game. You do this by assisting her and adjusting the environment to help her as she moves. The game explores adventures across impossible architectures and follows Ida as she goes in search of forgiveness. It does this with minimal words spoken, but it manages to convey the story and its importance with ease.

Top User Questions About Monument Valley

Are There More Than Just Ten Chapters?
Unfortunately, the main story only features ten levels. These encompass Ida and her journey as a whole. While this may be all there is to the main game, there are eight additional levels that can be bought and played. These are known as the Forgotten Shores, and if you have fallen for this game, you’ll probably be willing to purchase it and enjoy it just as much as the original game.

How Come Some Floor Moves and Others Don’t?
This happens as a result of two of the games mechanics, the cranks and the dots. While the dots allow Ida to step on them and be moved accordingly, the cranks will only work when Ida isn’t on them. The difference between these two requires some thinking to use each one accordingly.

Why Can’t I See The End of The Level?
In Monument Valley, sometimes levels are split into multiple sections. This allows each section to be explored and used to its fullest before proceeding to the next area. This also allows levels to become more challenging and interesting as they proceed from one section to the next.

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