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About Mr. Jump

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Genre: Arcade | Publisher: - | Platform: Mobile
The viral smash hit Mr Jump shows that games don't need fancy 3D effects or complex mechanics to be worth playing. Created by the three man team 1 Button, this incredibly simple mobile game is completely addicting, despite an absolutely brutal level of difficulty.

In Mr Jump you take a faceless blocky hero across a constantly shifting landscape while utilizing only one single mechanic - tap to jump, and hope you did it at the right time so you don't die! Mr Jump's deceptively easy control scheme hides a serious challenge that will make you enjoy the pain of spectacularly failing the first 40 or 50 attempts of any given level.

Mr Jump: What We Like The Most

The very definition of minimalist game design, there's no clunky controls to get in the way of the fun or giant maps to get lost in while searching for an objective. Mr Jump only does one thing, and it does it very well.

You literally don't even have to move forward while playing this finger tapping title - you just have to jump. There's no bizarre story to drag things down and no controls to memorize as everything is handled with only one tap, bringing to mind the hours of fun to be had in early games like SkiFree.

Again hearkening back to an earlier era of gaming, Mr Jump is completely unforgiving and doesn't hold you by the hand. With the simplistic graphics and extreme hard jumps to execute, the game brings to mind the notorious difficulty in the NES Ninja Gaiden platforming levels.

Charming graphics
Although not a photo realistic approach to graphics by any stretch of the imagination, Mr Jump still has a recognizable and iconic style with some interesting twists, like Gothic purple levels with crosses lining the background or the night time black and blue levels with bizarre symbols painted everywhere.

The Basics of Mr Jump Play

It can't be stressed enough that Mr Jump is the epitome of simple game design, ditching everything that  isn't based around the core mechanic of leaping from ledge to ledge while trying to make it to the end of a level, only to then do it all again in the next scene.

Why does Mr Jump live in an insane world where everything is a short platform dozens of feet away from every other platform? No one knows, but it works for us, because there's a serious sense of accomplishment to be had when finally mastering a level's jumps!

Mr Jump: Core Challenges

There's really only one challenge to be had in Mr Jump, but reaching the end of the screen is much more difficult than it would appear at first, and these tips and tricks will prevent you from having to restart a level hundreds of times.

1. Short and long jumps
Although your faceless hero can only do one thing, he can do it in multiple ways. You don't need to hold your tap as long for shorter distances, while larger empty spaces require a longer jump. In general, use short jumps for anything at a lower level while a long jump is necessary to reach platforms at a higher elevation.

2. Keep an eye on the horizon
What's coming up next as the screen constantly scrolls is frequently more important than what you are currently jumping towards. Since the game is always pushing you forward, you need to take into account where the platforms are going to be, rather than where they are now.

3. Learn from your mistakes
Even with all the strategy guides in the world, Mr Jump virtually guarantees you will fail multiple times while first attempting a level. Nothing ever changes in multiple playthroughs though, so memorize what worked until the point you fell off a ledge and always play the level through the same way.

Top User Questions About Mr Jump

How on Earth am I supposed to pass some of these levels? 
The game's extreme difficulty is part of the appeal, but it's not hard for frustration to ensue in Mr Jump's various levels. Besides recognizing the patterns after repeated attempts, a good way to stay ahead of the curve is to always be watching what's coming next and time your jumps accordingly. Try to keep your taps as light as possible as well so you can quickly get in the next tap in the jump sequence.

Should I just skip the hardest levels?  
If you have trouble with a particularly diabolical level, Mr Jump does let you pay real money for an unlock key to access the next level. Although that's helpful if you want to proceed quickly, this can actually make it harder to complete later levels, as the game's difficulty builds and playing earlier levels prepares you for the challenges to come.

What is Sir Jump? 
While browsing sites dedicated to Mr Jump you may have noticed another game that looks very similar and has a similar title – this is Sir Jump, a game with the same basic mechanics but made for Windows and web-based platforms instead of mobile devices. Although the two are similar, Sir Jump is made by a different developer.  

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