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About NBA 2K14

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Genre: Sports | Publisher: 2K Sports | Platform: Console
That satisfying swish as the ball hits nothing but net returns in NBA 2K14, which expands even further than previous entries by bringing in the Euroleague and adding new game modes to take advantage of current generation console technology.

Developed by Visual Concepts, the 2K14 edition takes you from promising rookie to hot shot pro, letting you decide whether to be a team player or a ball hog star starter.  This entry in the series covers every aspect of your personal development from deciding how to answer questions in draft interviews to negotiating your contract on both PC and Xbox/Playstation consoles.

NBA 2K14: What We Like The Most

Unless you're actually in the stands, NBA games have never looked this good, and you've never had so much control over who wins and who goes home in defeat.

Don't fancy taking an established player to victory? Make your own unique player instead and choose which specific skills and abilities to upgrade by spending VC earned while winning games or performing well. You even get to decide how humble or prideful to be while sitting in on press conferences, reading social media posts about your player and snagging some sweet endorsement deals.

While basketball game music soundtracks tend to stick to tried and true material, NBA 2K14 decided to get more with the times and bring in an updated roster of popular music, including tunes from Coldplay, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Macklemore, Kanye West, and more.

Going beyond just dominating on the court, NBA 2K14 also lets you go behind the scenes as a team manager. With different game play depending on which console version you are using, you'll have to scout out new talented players, build up relationships in the business and try to stay under budget while still building the best team available.

The Basics of NBA 2K14 Play

Starting straight off with a rookie showcase of potential NBA draft picks, 2K14 puts you right into the action to show off your skills and get noticed by the scouts. Getting an offer from your dream team requires not only taking control and landing shot after shot, but also working as a team player and mastering proper passing and defense control.

For the advanced players who have mastered all the moves across the NBA 2K series, this edition's Pro Stick option allows greater precision by controlling most moves by simply flicking the right stick in specific patterns.

NBA 2K14: Core Challenges

Going up against pro players on the court is no easy task, and if you are having trouble mastering the controls be sure to hit up the Training Camp mode and use these NBA 2K14 tips to reach the path to greatness.

Different players have different hot zones across the court that will increase your percentage of landing a shot, so be sure to memorize the zones for your preferred player. Turning on sheet feedback can also be a big help, as it will tell you if you are releasing too early or too late to be scoring.

Calling a play of man-to-man defense works best if you want to focus on taking on the other team's most challenging player and maintain hold of the ball most often, while the 1-3-1 defensive play tends to keep opposing players farther away from the net and force them into longer range shots if you keep up constant pressure.

3. Stealing
If you have trouble blocking the ball during shots or can't manage to get into good positions for defense, try focusing on stealing the ball instead. If you immediately run next to the point guard and stay on him, you'll have a high chance of being able to grab the ball during a pass before anyone even attempts a shot at all. 

Top User Questions About NBA 2K14

What's the difference between crew mode and quick play? 
Crew mode is a 5 vs. 5 game, where all 10 players on the court are controlled by different people with no AI players. Quick play meanwhile is a 1 on 1 mode, with each player taking control of a team in a match that doesn't take as long to set up.

What are the differences between console generations?  
Obviously there's graphical differences between 360/Xbox One and PS3/PS4, but all of the game's modes are also tweaked between the console generations. While the previous generation focuses single player mode on Lebron James, the Xbox One/PS4 versions include a branching story line path in MyPlayer that has your fledgling basketball star facing off against a rival rookie who also gets drafted.

Is it true the NBA 2K14 servers no longer save single player data?  
At the end of March 2015, single player career save games were taken offline when 2K Sports ended active support for the game. However, the ability to access those saves has now been restored, with the publisher stating support will continue for older titles for a longer period. Those servers will likely go offline again in the future though, so its best to make a local offline save game when starting in career mode.

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