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Genre: MMO | Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment | Platform: PC
Developed by Cryptic Studios, the Neverwinter Nights online role-playing game has everyone pleased. But this isn’t Neverwinter Nights — this is the MMORPG version of that beloved game. Simply, this is Neverwinter. Neverwinter brings the same fantastic stories and action as its 2D predecessors. However, the original turn-based, 2D adventure has been replaced with state of the art graphics and an open world environment. 

When you join the Neverinter MMORPG you get to choose from all of the familiar races and classes found in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. From magic to brute strength, you are covered. The setting is the sprawling city of Neverwinter, within the familiar and wildly popular Forgotten Realms. Your journey is going to begin here but where you finish is completely up to you.

Strategy: The Core Challenges of Neverwinter Online

The Neverwinter Nights online role-playing game is a massive multiplayer game. There is a lot you can do and see within the Forgotten Realms; there’s blood, guts, and gore awaiting you around every corner so you best be prepared.

1. Familiarize yourself with the narrative
Though the lore is lacking in Neverwinter there is still a great amount of story. Without prior knowledge of the Forgotten Realms setting, Neverwinter will not make much sense. There are journal entries and some books within the game to help you, but do some light research to enrich your experience.

2. Pay attention to the Neverwinter tutorial
Massive Multiplayer Online games are notoriously complicated because there is just so much to remember in order to get the most from the game. Once you land in Neverwinter you will get a brief introduction to the mechanics of the game.

3. Stay in the hub
The city of Neverwinter is the central location for all of your questing. Stick around town a while and pick up quests, information, and goodies until you’re built up enough to go out on your own.

4. Join groups
The Neverwinter MMORPG is meant for team play: raiding dungeons, defeating enemies, etc., so the sooner you join a questing team the better off you will be.

What We Like About the Neverwinter MMORPG

Neverwinter has a long history. Not just with video games but with pen and paper gaming. This tradition of storytelling and fantasy creation lives on in Neverwinter Online and there is a lot to like.

Frenetic Combat
Neverwinter combat is fluid and full of action and loaded with powerful skills. 

Player Creations
The Neverwinter MMORPG has a cool area called The Foundry. Here, players can use the design tools to build their own Neverwinter Online quests, stories, and special zones.

Solitary or Group
Even though Neverwinter is an online multiplayer game you can choose to go at it alone or in a group.

Signature D&D
The Neverwinter MMORPG is set within the Forgotten Realms so you have all of the main characters and classes available to you. There are also a few special classes to play with like the Control Wizard.

Basic Gameplay of Neverwinter Online

You arrive in Neverwinter off a crashed ship through violent flashes until you awake on the beach. Now, you begin to customize your character by picking a race, class, origin, and a myriad of other intricate details. Follow your quest path to get to camp to let the game really begin — but this is your practical tutorial so pay attention.

The Neverwinter Online gameplay is standard fare for this sort of game. They consist of mouse movements and key presses. You can assign your values and create hot bars to make things easier on you. 

Everything else is straightforward. You can talk to people and interact with the environment by simple mouse controls. The first few quests serve as an in depth tutorial to the game controls and overall mechanics of Neverwinter.

Neverwinter MMORPG Questions

Do I have to use the keyboard? 
For right now, yes. There is no controller support for Neverwinter online. They removed it from the beta version. There may or may not be a future patch to add it so keep looking.

Is one character/class better than the other? 
This is personal taste. Each race and class has its good points and bad. They’re all pretty equal. Play and decide for yourself what you like.

Is there a Neverwinter level cap? 
Yes, level 70.

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