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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: | Platform: Mobile
Some nefarious menace to society has gone on a pet-knapping spree, kidnapping every last cuddly piglet, fluffy kitty cat, sleepy puppy and bushy-tailed squirrel for miles. In Pet Rescue Saga, it's up to you and all your friends to work through ever more challenging puzzles and save the stolen critters on PC or mobile devices.

Developed by King, Pet Rescue Saga features new twists on the traditional tile matching game style, challenging players to match 2 of any similar colored block while overcoming obstacles on a race against time to reach the bottom of the screen.

Pet Rescue Saga: What We Like The Most

As if saving huggable forest critters wasn't enough of a reward on its own, Pet Rescue Saga's addicting tile matching game play will keep you hooked and playing on either your computer or tablet as saves are synced between devices.

Simple, long lasting gameplay
Even more than the usual match-3 type game, Pet Rescue Saga has an incredibly simple premise that's easy to jump into and get right into the heart of the action. With more than 1,000 levels available, even an absolute Pet Rescue Saga fanatic is unlikely to run out of puzzles to solve anytime soon.

Cute art style
Adding in elements from other game types, Pet Rescue Saga moves pet rescuers across a world map that spans both urban and rural areas. The game's inventive painted backgrounds mesh bedtime story fairy tales with real world settings for a visual treat that will please kids as much as adults.

Evolving challenges
New brain teasing elements are steadily added in every few levels so the game never gets boring. One might feature a larger board with unseen rows (and unseen obstacles) below the visible area that have to be excavated, while another includes the added hindrance of chained up blocks that prevent pets from getting down to lower areas of the puzzle board.

The Basics of Pet Rescue Saga Play

To reclaim stolen pets and save them from an unpleasant fate, Pet Rescue Saga requires strategic thinking as you line up large numbers of the same colored blocks to get bigger point bonuses and clear out areas of the puzzle board so pets can reach the bottom more quickly.

Just when you've got the hang of things, unexpected problems appear to compound the challenge, like being required to finish a puzzle in a small number of moves. In these more difficult levels, a pet rescuer will have to carefully plan several moves ahead and strategically utilize boosters such as the column clearing rocket to reach the next area.

Pet Rescue Saga: Core Challenges

Despite the simplistic rules, later levels in this massive matching game can get downright frustrating without the right strategy. Don't miss out on the highest scores and most pet saves possible with these Pet Rescue Saga tips and tricks.

1. Using boosters
If you earn enough points, you'll gain access to boosters like rockets or balloons that help in different situations. The block buster hammer for instance is useful for removing that one annoying block that's in the way of a combo, while bombs helpfully clear out a large segment of blocks (but somehow don't blow the adorable pets to smithereens... which is probably for the best). 

2. Plan ahead
If there are no valid moves left on the board – even if you have boosters that could remove blocks – you will lose the level and drop a life as the villainous pet snatchers make off with your un-rescued pets! Always keep an eye on how your current move will shift the board so you don't end up without any possible blocks to match.

3. Overcoming obstacles
Blocks that are wrapped in mesh can't be matched, so you've got to first destroy the surrounding blocks to remove the mesh. If there's no good combos available around a meshed block, the masher booster cuts the mesh off all visible blocks on the screen, but using a column buster rocket can be just as effective if one row in particular just doesn't have the needed colors lined up properly.

Top User Questions About Pet Rescue Saga

Why does a matching tile game have a life counter?  
This free-to-play offering does come with a catch: you start with five lives and will get locked out of playing for a segment of time if you lose them all. While you can buy more lives with in-game gold bars or real money, don't forget you can also send and receive extra lives from your friends who play Pet Rescue Saga.

Should I just buy and use a bunch of boosters?  
Boosters can quickly remove stubborn blocks that are preventing you from reaching a goal, but they provide fewer points than manually matching blocks or getting a pet to the ground. Using a booster also uses up a move, which can cause problems in levels with limited moves available. Overall, its better to line up large block combos and manually match them while only saving boosters for when they are really needed to pass a level.

Should I quit a level if I'm not going to get a full three stars?  
Absolutely not. Even if you are specifically going for high scores or certain daily challenges, don't ever quit a level, as you'll lose a life in the process. It's better to squeak by the level with only 1 star and then restart it than end up getting locked out and having to wait to replay later.

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