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About Pillars of Eternity

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment | Platform: PC
Pillars of Eternity is an isometric RPG created by Obsidian Entertainment. It represents a return to that bygone era of RPG games that are fun and full of features and yes, addictive. The Pillars of Eternity game is a “spiritual” sequel to favorites like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale and captures the nostalgia of those old games flawlessly.

There is a rich and immersive story backed by great dialogue. As you advance, you reveal the world and earn experience by unveiling areas and finishing quests. And, fortunately, there is no shortage of gameplay; with side quests available to help boost your characters.

Strategy: Pillars of Eternity Tips and Tricks

There is a lot to take in while playing, as combat, healing, and story progression are very important in the game. The following Pillars of Eternity tips can help you get the best out of the game:

While Pillars of Eternity’s scout mode slows the party down, it also makes you invisible. This means you can sneak by enemies, and if you’re feeling frisky, you can also ambush them, too.

2. Watch the Circles
Each Pillars of Eternity character is set atop a circle of color. This is common with isometric games. Watch them while moving because they begin to turn to yellow when you near an enemy and red when you’re spotted.

3. Pause as Needed
The combat in Pillars of Eternity uses a pause feature that is in real time – and necessary since you have multiple characters to manage. Pause the game and assign orders; you can then watch your orders play out when you resume the game.

What We Like About Pillars of Eternity

Fortunately, Pillars of Eternity has far more in the like column than the dislike. In fact, that side is practically blank.

Fantastic Story
RPG games rely on the story to entice gamers to purchase them, which Pillars of Eternity has in spades. You will be itching for Pillars of Eternity DLCs.

Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity is beautifully drawn and rendered. The characters are rich and robust.

Rewarding Gameplay
Everything is fantastic — Pillars of Eternity has brilliant combat, an immersive story, and engaging quests.

Basic Gameplay of Pillars of Eternity

You are in the nation of Dyrwood and infants are being born without a soul. You go through a “life change” that gives you a special power to see past lives. Your job is to find out what caused this problem and fix it. Playing within this world is even better than how the story sounds: the dialogue and interaction with other characters is wonderfully portrayed. It’s what gamers, especially those in love with RPGs, have come to enjoy.

Pillars of Eternity is a group-play isometric RPG. Basically, you are looking down on the action and controlling yourself and several other members of your group. It is also what the Pillars of Eternity developers call “real time pause”. What this means for you is that, in the middle of combat, you can pause the game and give orders to your team. For example, you can have your elf attack an ogre while your mage heals the Halfling thief – that sort of thing. You do not get rewarded for hack and slash play but by quest completion and revealing the Pillars of Eternity map, making you focus on the story which is well worth it in Pillars of Eternity.

There is a lot about the Pillars of Eternity game that resembles dungeons and dragons. The classes and races you can choose will all be familiar, but the way situations are dealt with proprietary to Pillars of Eternity. Damage impacts endurance and health, with health only returning if and when you rest, while endurance will recover after combat. 

In the Pillars of Eternity game you’ll have five skills you can use to get out of a situation. As you progress more information is added to your “bestiary” and you will get clues how to better handle those five skills to defeat your enemies. The gameplay itself is the pretty standard point and click that we all know and love and are familiar with. 

Pillars of Eternity Top User Questions

Since the game was crowdfunded does this mean this is it for the story? 
No. Obsidian Entertainment already has a Pillars of Eternity expansion pack, The White March, in development.

Is there a main character? 
Even though your party in Pillars of Eternity consists of multiple characters, there is one centralized character: The Watcher.

The base cost of Pillars of Eternity is $44.99 – is it worth it? 
If you love RPG and love Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, and Icewind Dales and if you love over 40 hours of play – then yes, it is worth it.

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