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About Plague Inc.

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Ndemic Creations | Platform: Mobile
Developed by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc. is a simulation game for iOS, Android and Windows devices that focus on the creation and use of a deadly plague to exterminate the human race. It has been enjoyed enough to encourage a remake, Plague Inc. Evolved, on the PC and Xbox One devices. While the overall idea of the game is themed towards a darker, mature audience, it is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone for its simulation appeal.

Core Challenges

Plague Inc. is a tough game with the overall goal to infect and kill everyone on the planet. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can guide you in the right direction:

Understanding Your Stats
While there are many different aspects to every disease that you make in the Plague Inc. game, the three stats that matter most are your infectivity, severity and lethality. The three of these stats determine how quick your disease spreads, how bad it is once it is caught and how easily it will kill someone once they have it. As you play the game, it is important to keep these stats balanced. You don’t want your disease too lethal early on or those infected will die before it infects everyone. Likewise, you don’t need it to be very infective once everyone is infected and should instead focus on severity and lethality as a powerful combo.

Fighting the Cure
Whenever there is a disease, there are bound to be efforts to cure it. Otherwise, humanity would lose hope and cease to exist. As a result, for every disease you make, there is a cure waiting to take you out. That is why it is important to make sure to improve your disease against cure efforts to slow down research. It’s also possible to slow down research by popping cure bubbles in the game. Finally, as more people die, less people will be able to work on a cure and research will eventually slow to a grinding halt.

The Different Diseases
As you start the Plague Inc. game, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of different diseases that each comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to remember this each and every time you play because choosing a different disease type means choosing a different strategy for infecting the world. Some diseases will require a fast and furious approach whereas others will need you to be slow and methodic in order to win.

What We Like About Plague Inc.

When it comes to a dark and fun game like Plague Inc., there is plenty to enjoy. But here are the three things that stood out above the rest.

The Gameplay
In Plague Inc., one of the things that stood out most was the unique. While there may be plenty of different simulation style video games out there, there aren’t too many that have you infecting and killing off humanity with a plague. More than that, you handle your disease by choosing what each aspect of it does to make each play-through an interesting experience.

Different Modes to Play
Plague Inc. gives players plenty of variety to the game by allowing them to play with about ten different disease types. This includes some diseases that you need to purchase, but even without those, there are still seven. More than just these, you are also capable of playing a few different modes such as Speed Run and Scenarios. Both of these add welcome twists to the original Plague Inc. gameplay that make it more challenging and fun at the same time.

Along with all the different ways that you can play the game and change your disease as you play, you can also change how your disease reacts before the game start. This happens thanks to genetic modification. You unlock these genes by playing through the game and winning. As you do, different genes become available that can change how your disease reacts with different aspects of the environment. They make for an interesting twist to the game that can be used again and again

Story and Gameplay

Every disease starts with a patient zero. The story behind Plague Inc. is that you control the disease that has infected this patient. You get to decide everything that happens with the disease as you use it to infect humanity.

Depending on the game mode, you will have a different objective with your disease. It starts with infecting humanity to kill, enslave or convert them as a whole. The cure is humanity’s last hope and their main resistance against you and your disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Better Place to Start a Disease Than Others?
There isn’t a specific place that is better to start at; however, you can find more success by beginning your disease in a country that is surrounded by other countries. By doing that, you have access to the most people that you can infect. It may not necessarily mean that you will do better, but you will at least have more humans to infect.

How Do I Earn Upgrade Points in Plague Inc.?
In order to upgrade your disease, you need to gain upgrade points so that you can change the disease stats to make it strong enough to accomplish its goal. You earn these by popping a variety of bubbles that pop up on screen during gameplay. The main two bubbles that give you points are the red disease bubbles and the orange infection bubbles. The red bubbles will pop up from time-to-time as you play and infect more people while the orange bubbles will pop up every time that you infect a new country.

Can I Unlock Other Plague Inc. Modes without Paying?
They’re number of different modes and diseases in the game that can be unlocked by paying for them. This unlocks them for you instantly; however, it is possible to earn the different modes simply by playing the game. For the first seven disease types, you earn them by beating the previous disease. For the other disease types, you can unlock them by playing the different diseases on the Brutal difficulty and winning.

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