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About Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: PopCap | Platform: Mobile
Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City is the immensely popular, free to play, tower defense game developed by PopCap and published by EA Games.  Originally released August 15, 2013, this was the anticipated sequel to the original classic Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most acclaimed and beloved tower defense games ever released.   Since PvZ2 has been such a hit, the guys at PopCap have been releasing awesome new worlds with new plant heroes and zombie enemies, and the latest is "Lost City", a fabled ancient city hidden in the jungle teeming with traps, giant bugs, and of course, zombified jungle explorers.

Core Challenges of Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City

If you're not familiar with the basics of PvZ, you ought to play the original first, then this game from the beginning; it's worth it.  Otherwise, for PvZ2, if your main question is: "Are the new Lost City levels hard to beat?  As in: 'Big Wave Beach-hard?'", then the answer is "No, but it definitely has its challenges", so we advise checking out some of these tips.

The Zombies Are Definitely Coming
Moreso than in other worlds, the zombie hordes of Lost City are going to be in your face from nearly the start of the level, including zombies carried by fast-moving "zombie dragonflies", and charging excavators that will dig and toss your plants out of the way.  You must build your defenses quickly, making sure to use at least a few plants that can double as both offense and defense.  

There's Gold Tiles In Those Hills
Part of the problem of building your plant army up quickly is a lack of sun.  Fortunately, in Lost City, we have Gold Tiles, specially-marked tiles on the ground that will give you free sun when you place your first plant on top of them.  
Don't Forget The Premium Plants
You'll want to check out the new Premium Plants for Lost City.  One is the Lava Guava, which can be bought with gems.  It will erupt in a fiery lava explosion that will roast nearby zombies and leave behind a lava trap.  Then there's the Toadstool, one of the best of the cash-only plants.  It can eat zombies whole in one shot, and will give you sun in return after it finishes its meal.

What We Like Most About Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City

The Lost City levels have that same hilarious yet somehow intense charm that characterizes just about anything related to Plants vs. Zombies.  Here's the best of the "treasure" you'll find in these levels.

The Matinee-style Fun
The Lost City levels will make you feel like you're watching some great Sunday pulp movie action, PvZ-style.  From the Tarzan/King Kong-inspired characters, to the awesomely, sincerely serious John Williams-style score (think Indiana Jones running from that boulder), it's a treat.

The New Plants
The new plants that have debuted in Lost City have been pretty good.  Aside from Lava Guava and Toadstool, you have the multi-purpose Red Stinger, good for offense and defense.  And you have the epically loopy A.K.E.E., a goofy-grinned plant that fires bouncy seeds with a satisfying "BAWUMF" and sure to be everyone's favorite.

The New Zombies
If you thought you've been challenged in everyway by PvZ2, guess again.  You have the new Excavator Zombies that tote shovels, blocking your shots and digging up your plants.  You'll need to lob shots onto them to take them out, but they might be protected by the umbrella-toting Parasol Zombies.  The Imp Porters will pitch camper tents that will throw out endless zombie explorers, like a clown car.  And watch out for the Turquoise Skull Zombies and their all-powerful mystical magic.

The Story/Gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City

It's PvZ2, so there's not much in the way of story.  Crazy Dave is still crazy and still searching across time for his taco.  The latest stop is in Lost City, an ancient city of gold, which Penny the Time-Traveling Recreational Vehicle tells you is where the Sun itself was once worshipped.  That certainly seems to be the case, because the city is loaded with sun-faced Gold Tiles that will give you the sun you need to survive the horde of zombie British jungle explorers, and a dangerous Dr. Zomboss armed with his Zombot Aerostatic Gondola.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City

Sometimes the Gold Tiles stop giving me sun? 
Yes, the Gold Tiles will STOP giving you sun altogether if you remove the plant that triggered them in the first place.  In other words, if you place a plant on a Gold Tile, and it turns gold and starts producing sun, and then that plant is killed or moved, that Gold Tile will permanently deactivate for the rest of the level.  Be careful when you place plants on Gold Tiles (don't use disposable ones), and don't let the zombies kill or move them.

What's the best way to stop Bug Zombies and Relic Hunter Zombies? 
These two are among the most dangerous of the new zombies, but fortunately, they both have a weakness to the Blover.  One single Blover will kill every Bug Zombie and Relic Hunter on screen, as long as they aren't touching ground.

How do the Trap Tiles work? 
These are specially-marked tiles with either a "boulder" icon or a "fire" icon.  If a zombie or plant steps on these, a trap will be triggered, either a boulder or firewall.  The boulder will crush every plant or zombie within three columns of the tile, and the firewall will kill any grounded character in its lane.  Master using the trap tiles, especially the Boulder Trap, to kill off swarms of zombies for you.

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