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About PlunderNauts

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Genre: Arcade | Publisher: Backflip Studios | Platform: Mobile
If you have ever had the desire to be a space pirate, you need to search no further than Plundernauts. Developed by Backflip Studios, and available on iOS devices, this space-battle video game features all the necessary elements to create a fun blend of pirates and space. By combining these two elements into a single game, it offers a unique experience that should draw in fans of every age. Whether it is the pirates or space or the battles, there is a little something for everyone in this game.

PlunderNauts: Core Challenges

Plundernauts comes with its own level of difficulty in learning to handle and control your ship and your interactions in the game. With a little bit of practice, and these Plundernauts tips and strategies, you can take a step in the right direction.

Keep Your Planets Yours
Throughout the course of the game, you will travel to a number of different planets. As you do, it is possible to defeat the enemies in charge of the planet and make it your own. This isn’t a one-time process. As you continue to play, you will have to keep coming back to defend your planets. This becomes more and more difficult as you conquer more planets throughout the galaxy. But you need to make sure to defend what is yours. This is how you stake your claim in the galaxy and increase your resources.

Understand How to Fight
Fighting in Plundernauts is somewhat tricky. The basics are handled by drawing lines to maneuver your ship and tapping your enemy to attack once you’re in range. Having movement and attacks handle like this makes your ship slow to respond to enemy attacks which usually fire off pretty quick. Even though battling can be tricky with controls like this, there are ways to work around it such as attacking your opponents from behind and making sure to aim. Doing little things like this can make a difference in how you fight.

Maintaining a Proper Ship
Regardless of what else you do in the game, you need a space ship. Without one of these it isn’t possible to battle and explore the galaxy to your heart’s content. You get your first ship easily, but after that, you have to work hard to afford new ships. Even if you decide not to buy a new ship, you still need to invest the funds to improve your current ship. In a nutshell, you need to find a ship that works for you and make sure you keep it strong and powerful enough to win.

PlunderNauts: What We Like About It

With a quality battle game like this, there are bound to be plenty of things to enjoy. While it is definitely hard to narrow it down, here are three of the things we enjoyed most about Plundernauts.

The Graphics
Compared to some other games, the graphics in Plundernauts may not be as sparkly and perfect. But for the style of space combat that this video game offers, the graphics do a great job of highlighting the important objects in the game without completely ignoring the background of levels. This allows the ships, battlefield items and planets to look great no matter what level of zoom you look at them with.

Well-Done Writing
As you proceed within the story of the Plundernauts game and continue to conquer planets, you will find one of the items that make this game memorable. The game focuses on the story while allowing you to enjoy the pirate lore in a humorous manner. It makes the game that much more enjoyable without being too silly.

Plundernauts Has Space Pirates Everywhere
The one thing that completes what we like about Plundernauts is the fact that there are space pirates everywhere. If this had just been a regular space battle game, there would be so much lost potential. The addition of pirates to the mix creates a world that is entertaining and full of lively and silly characters to encounter throughout the game. You even earn a pirate-y parrot to guide you in your journeys.

PlunderNauts: Story and Gameplay

In the world of Plundernauts, you are tasked with the job of exploring through space to become the best space pirate around. This is based in the distant future when space travel has become an activity of ease. Due to this, activities such as gambling and pirating become all the rage in the game.

Your overall goal is to take your money and your parrot and find the legendary pirate’s lost treasure. While this journey may be difficult at times, it is this inter-planetary travel that makes this game and its battles worthwhile.

PlunderNauts: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Throughout the game you will gather Dark Matter from a number of different places; however, it will primarily come from completing bounties in the game. With the Dark Matter, you are capable of buying ships in Plundernauts. That’s important because getting new ships is what keeps you capable of fighting the strongest enemies. You are also able to speed up processes with Dark Matter, but that isn’t recommended.

As you play through Plundernauts, you are capable of upgrading different aspects of your ship to improve the way that you fight. This is an alternative to buying a whole new ship in order to fight stronger enemies. It is also cheaper. Usually, you can avoid upgrading for a while, if you want, but as you encounter battles that you can’t win, it may be time to upgrade. At that point, start by upgrading your hull and then go from there.

Is There Any Way to Use More than One Ship in Plundernauts?
During battles, you may find it tough to only have your one big, clunky ship to fight your enemies. This is especially true when you end up in a fight with two or more enemies at a time. When this happens, you are capable of using little ships. While there aren’t other large ships that you can control, there are smaller ships that will attack on their own and assist you as they can.

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