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About Radiation Island

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Atypical Games | Platform: Mobile
Devoid of in-app purchases and full of features normally found in full-length console titles, Atypical Games has developed a game for iOS that should satisfy even the most fickle of mobile gamers.

First person games on mobile devices tend to be clunky, choppy, and typically have horrible gameplay. However, while Radiation Island is not perfect, it comes very close. Despite its genre Radiation Island is not scary, but that’s because I personally don’t believe that hack and slash games in a seemingly open world are frightening.

The Radiation Island game is only $2.99 and, despite a few flaws, is well worth the meager investment. Set in a vast wilderness themed open-world, Radiation Island is a zombie survival-horror game with a heavy emphasis on crafting. In a lot of ways it is akin to games like Dead Island and Fallout. However, unlike most mobile games, the Radiation Island story is actually worth following. It’s the 1940s and you awake hungry and alone, on an island in what I assume is the South Pacific. This island was occupied by the Japanese and they’re still there… undead.

Strategy: The Core Challenges of Radiation Island

Some aspects of the Radiation Island game can be daunting but that does not detract from the immersive quality of the game. The following Radiation Island tips and tricks will help you through your gameplay.

1. Choose the correct mode: How you enjoy the Radiation Island game is dependent on the game mode you choose. Adventure and exploration modes in Radiation Island are different experiences. Unlike exploration mode, if you die in adventure mode you lose your gear, making things a lot more difficult. However, if death is evident, one trick you can do is to unequip yourself prior to dying. This way, your stuff will be there when you respawn.
2. Make a fishing pole as soon as possible: Avoiding hunger is a prime component of the Radiation Island game app so craft a pole ASAP. Start fishing near your starting point and get as much as you can early.
3. Stick around the beach: When you begin the Radiation Island game you are on a beach. We all want to explore… don’t. Upgrade your backpack first, craft a fishing rod and gather a ton of fish, make weapons, and create clothing. A good defense can never be overlooked.
4. Ranged weapons: Close combat, though exciting, will get you killed quickly. Go with ranged weapons in order to last longer in this harsh environment.
5. Learn your basic items: At the start of the game you will want to familiarize yourself with the basic items available to you. Always collect things like flint, twigs, stones, leather, leaves, fish, iron ore, titanium, stones, fiber, medicinal plants, and sulfur. You will use all these basic items to craft weapons and clothing.

What We Like About The Radiation Island Game App

Radiation Island has gotten a lot of praise in the mobile gaming community and for good reason. Here’s what we like about it:

Open-World Play in a Compact Game
When we think about open-world gaming we typically go directly to games like Fallout and Skyrim. We don’t look toward a mobile app. Not a true open-world at any rate. The Radiation Island game app certainly breaks that trend and delivers, at just $2.99, that type of experience.

Hours of Gameplay
Most app games are short. Even game you pay for and that leaves you wanting more and feeling disappointed. Radiation Island, as a game app, offers hours upon hours of gaming. There is no disappointment with this experience. 

No In-App Purchases
When we purchase a game, or any app for that matter, we don’t expect to be hounded to buy stuff. But, we usually are. Radiation Island stands apart by not forcing players to buy anything else to succeed. This allows you to enjoy the game for hours without interruption.

Basic Gameplay of Radiation Island

Controls on the Radiation Island app are simple. There is no learning curve and you will soon pick it up. The combat is overly simplified while the crafting side of the game leans toward the overly complicated which can become annoying and daunting. The game is multifaceted in that you not only have to worry about your health but your level of hunger so you need to hunt down (literally) food which is where a lot of the crafting comes into play so you can create tools and weapons to catch fish, rabbits, etc. You can also make clothing, craft splints, and make medicine.

The crafting system for the Radiation Island game app is overly complicated in how much you can actually craft. The actual crafting is a simple stacking. Combat is also incredibly simple which to some makes the game overly simple. All points are valid but the immersive gameplay and open-world environment will have you quickly forgetting those minor issues.

Radiation Island has a rich story; much more than I have eluded to. It is a lot of fun to learn the secrets in this game. You will need to uncover hidden journal pages in order to advance the story but to do that you first need to not die. Grab food. Make weapons. Craft armor. The story is multilayered, fun, and fascinating. 

Radiation Island App User Questions

Where do I find crystals and how do I convert them? 
You can find crystals in chests, just lying around, or dropped by zombies. You will need a crystal converter, which you can’t craft, but can be found near bases or in transit locations.

How do I fast travel? 
Movement from point A to point B is often time consuming. To fast travel you only need to open the map, zoom in, and tap the compass icon of one of the huts. 

What is the pillar symbol on my map? 
These are the locations of the Tesla Towers noted on your game checklist. To advance to the next island you’ll need to find these and lower them all.

What’s with the skull and crossbones on my map? 
You will see this symbol pop up as you play. These spots are where you dropped dead the last time. If you followed our tip about equipment this is where you’ll find your stuff.

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