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About Rival Knights: The Art of War

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Gameloft | Platform: Mobile
Rival Knights, available on Android and iOS, is an action game based around the medieval practice of jousting. It is free to play, but in-app purchases are plentiful and often hard to avoid. Rival Knights was developed and published by Gameloft. It is very similar to the free flash game Medieval Jousting except instead of being 2D animation the characters are fully rendered 3D characters. Despite the in-app purchases, with a little supervision this game is suitable for all ages. There is no blood and, while frustrating at times, is very easy to understand.

Core Challenges of Rival Knights

Rival Knights is pretty simple to understand, but actually controlling the game correctly can be difficult and slightly frustrating. Here are some tips to help you get over the rough patches:

In the Rival Knights game you’ll need to upgrade your equipment and horse constantly. You need to keep your maximum speed and armor above your enemy; otherwise, you can't win even if you do everything perfectly. You only need to beat your enemy in two areas out of the three so pick your best and throw all your funds into it. You can repeat levels in order to earn more coins for upgrading. Don't waste your gems on speeding up an upgrade.

Even if your horse is very fast you still have to work to reach the max speed. When the clock counts down at the start of the match, tap the screen just before it says go. You'll get a starting boost and go much faster. After that you just have to time your taps just over the green dot. If you mess up, the arrow will not bounce back.

You can use upgrades to improve handling in Rival Knights, but aiming is very hard. Jerk the lance slightly left and down from your target, as they get closer only move the lance minutely. You want to get the circle to turn an aqua blue color, that's the sweet spot for maximum damage.

What We Like About Rival Knights

Rival Knights isn't like the average video game found on the apps market and here are three reasons why:

There really aren't very many jousting simulator apps in the world. The Rival Knights game is completely different from pretty much anything I've played on a mobile device before and that makes it stick out. Even though it’s different it is still easy to play and well explained. The controls aren't particularly intuitive, but the actual tutorial is detailed.

Rival Knights is Put Together Well
While the game does glitch often when playing online tournaments, the actual story and gameplay are pretty precise and well thought out. It's simple, but some Gameloft has definitely put some work into it and each update seems to bring exciting new features.

Very Challenging
Gameloft’s Rival Knights game is can be very hard to beat — it's definitely got hours of game time. You have a limited about of attempts before you have to wait for them to recharge. It has the same level of infuriating yet addictive gameplay as Flappy Bird.

Story And Gameplay Of Rival Knights

You are a young knight who wants to become renown. You must battle your way through various leagues to become notorious for your art. The game has a lot of interesting plots if you care to read the book load of text associated with each character, but that's the nuts and bolts of it. The actual gameplay is a bit like Top Trumps; you have to have a greater speed, etc., than your enemy in two areas to win. The rest of the game is simply progressing around a map. There are multiplayer modes in Rival Knights, but they are scheduled for bug fixing since they are essentially nonfunctional.

Frequently Asked Questions For Rival Knights

What Are Social Seals?
Social Seals are the blue marks at the top left of the screen. You use them to participate in Rival Knights online multiplayer events.

How Do I Remove Allies in Rival Knights?
You cannot remove Allies, however, you can replace them. Simply click on their image next to their name and switch them with someone else.

How Do I Get Free Gem Stones in Rival Knights?
Gems are the hard currency of the game and are very expensive. You can earn some by watching adverts, which are usually between a minute and a half to three minutes long and you'll get about 5 gems.

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