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About Robocraft

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Freejam | Platform: PC
From the publisher FreeJam comes a unique game that feeds into your love of Lego and wanton destruction, The game revolves around building robots to combat each other in an online multiplayer environment. The robots are made from simple cubes with additions such as wheels, wings, and giant plasma cannons stuck on the side, once you’ve tweaked and mused over your new Battle-Bot you dive into death match or team based games online to see just how well you’ve designed your robot. With a clever physics engine that walks the line between realistic and fun launching your new buggy from mountains or swooping down to strafe your enemies Robocraft quickly becomes addictive.

Robocraft: What We Like The Most

Almost infinitely customizable robots
with literally thousands of blocks and attachments the only limit to your robot is your imagination, want to build a flying tank with spider legs or a sports car with rocket boosters? Robocraft will let you. There won’t be a match without seeing a new design that inspires you to spend even more time building your perfect robot.

Free to play not Pay to win
Many of the free to play games limit your ability to move up levels or restrict higher level weapons or characters to paying users only. Not so with Robocraft , while paying will support the developer and allow you to level up quicker with some cosmetic additions it will not give you an unfair advantage over non paying users , if you put in the time you can get exactly what a paid user has apart from those cosmetic additions and that is a very rare thing in the current environment of pay to win.

Its giant robots fighting each other
It may seem a little obvious but its hard to convey just how much fun it is to see your very own unique creation battling it out with other users robots, it’s the kind of thing you always wanted but never got, matches are intense and fun lasting long enough to enjoy but never bore. 

The Basics of Robocraft

Robocraft does exactly what it says on the label, you craft robots to fight in either death match style arenas or in team based objective matches. You start in the your very own “bay” to design and build your robot from cubes and attachments , imagine building Lego on your computer , Cubes come in many different shapes and sizes and the attachments range from wheels to wings and that’s not even starting on the weapons.

You are free to build whatever kind of robot you like , any shape you like and with whatever movement attachments you like which makes for endless fun tinkering and tweaking your robot after each match to become better and better, over time you become quite attached to your designs and fill up all 3 bays you are given very quickly.
Your only limitation comes from the number and level of blocks you can use but these increases each time you level up.

When entering matches you are teamed up with and against people of equal level to you so there is never 1 player dominating the match with his vastly higher level robot.
Matches last between 10 and 30 minutes usually which keeps the excitement up as it is non-stop action from the second the timer counts you in and even if your team is losing your respawn times get reduced to give you a further fighting chance and making frantic last stands all the more fun.

Robocraft: Core Challenges

Winning matches may seem simple at first but you will soon learn just how critical teamwork and tactics are.

1. Capturing Towers
In the standard matches your team needs to capture protonium towers to gain upgrades and take down the enemies shields but keep an eye on your towers as the enemy team needs them just as much as you do.

2. Making the most of the classes of robots
Having a varied team helps immensely in matches and thankfully Robocraft  tries to keep teams as mixed as possible. Learning what weapons counter certain robots is essential to an effective team, it’s no use charging the enemy with Railguns(snipers) as they cannot stand up to short range fire, so taking the time to learn how best to use the weapons you have can mean the difference between success and failure, handily GamerU is on hand to help with some times on that.

3. Creating a flawless design
Half of the game when it comes to Robocraft is the designing of robots but soon after your first few matches you will discover your robot has flaws or weak points so a lot of time will be spend adjusting or upgrading your design to better counter your enemy. With each new level and unlocked tech tree the newer weapons or attachment will also force you to rebuild and redesign your robot so the crafting never ends.

Top User Questions about Robocraft

How do I get to a higher tier? 
Getting to higher tiers is all about the design of your robot, higher level cubes and weapons and attachments will all get you closer to your next tier, pay attention to the bar on the bottom of your screen in the bay and how it changes as you add blocks, once you’ve gotten the hang of moving up 1 tier the rest will be easy. Remember to unlock higher level cubes/weapons/attachments in the tech tree so you can build the highest level robot you can.

What’s the best way to get more RP and CPU? 
The simple answer is play more matches , each match no matter if you win or not will give you RP and the more kills/heals and damage dealt will keep bumping up your score till you level up which is when you get a boost to CPU, if you’re wanting to get the most out of each match try and build a short to medium range ground based robot and launch yourself into the middle of battles , holding back and sniping or flying overhead may give you a good kill/death ratio but won’t increase your RP and CPU very quickly.

Why do I keep getting blown up so quickly? 
Remember that your pilot is critical to your robots function and has no armor, if your pilot is disconnected from the rest of your robot or destroyed your entire robot explodes so use your strongest blocks to protect your robot from all angles and you shouldn’t be bursting into a fireball so much.

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