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About Running with Rifles

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Modulaatio Games | Platform: PC
Developed by Modulaatio Games, Running With Rifles is a PC top-down, tactical shooter that heavily borrows elements from various RPGs. It’s an appropriate title for teen and mature gamers, fans of top-down shooters, and shooters with more strategy elements built into them. It feels deeply reminiscent of fare like Command and Conquer or Cannon Fodder.

If you’re finding yourself at the bottom of the body heap too often, then we’ve got plenty of Running With Rifles tips and tricks to help you out, ranging all the way from Running With Rifles extra XP tips to Running With Rifles extra loot tips. So face your enemy, it’s time to be a hero!

The Basics of Playing Running With Rifles

Running With Rifles is one of the better top-down shooter titles, managing to truly capture the chaos and desensitization of war. It’s a game designed around you dying dozens of times, while you figure out how to rise through he ranks, getting the best performance possible out of your squad. Whether in the campaign mode or multiplayer mode, detailed decision making let’s you navigate through the carnage how you see fit, finding out in the process if you’re a worthy leader.

Running With Rifles Strategy: Core Challenges

Running With Rifles is an immersive shooting experience that expects a lot out of you. Much is thrown at you at once, providing you with unseen responsibilities that must quickly be mastered. This culminates into a deeply satisfying shooter, but one that can also be overwhelming. Here are some pro tips to guarantee you make it to enemy lines and back again.

Dead soldiers respawning are something you’ll deal with constantly here. However, sometimes, death doesn’t always mean defeat, and respawning can be used to conquer land. Also, if you stand near enemy spawn locations, they also won’t be able to respawn there, which can be crucial in claiming land.

2. Coming to terms with the XP system
There’s a very grind mentality in place in order to rise up in levels and ranks, which in turn allows you to control additional soldiers (every 1000 XP) as well as other communication perks. For this game to truly open up, you need to have high XP, and you’ll need to grind to get there. 

3. Be an army, not a soldier
It’s important to have a concept of the big picture here, not just how strong you are and what gun you wield.  In Running With Rifles, it’s just as crucial to be prepared with your tactics, knowing when to advance, retreat, and the proper way to provide cover. 

Running With Rifles: What We Like the Most

Due to the degree of agency and options you’re given, Running With Rifles feels different from most tactical shooters. While customization can be crucial to a game like this, the title excels in a number of other areas that manage to make this feel like a special, distinct experience. 

The Freedom
You can play this game however you want, whether that means being a hero of war or a back-up soldier, leading the action or falling back. There’s no set way to play this, and involving more freedom and incorporation of RPG aspects makes it feel truly different, giving you unprecedented control. 

The AI
I cannot go on enough about how polished and intelligent the AI is in Running With Rifles, to the point where the computer turns into a vastly competent ally. It’s a delight like I’ve never seen before. Seriously, when AI is this precise and impressive, who needs multiplayer with actual people? 

Running With Rifles offers up a compelling, lengthy campaign that will keep you busy for a while. That doesn’t mean that it can’t also fill itself up with unlockable and secret weapon goodness to keep you busy long after you’re finished (check the silver crates!). 

Top User Questions About Running With Rifles

Is the game worth buying only for its single player? 
Yes! There’s a robust, varied experience found in the game’s single player mode if you’re worried about not finding a huge multiplayer base. That being said, I’ve found a huge community for this off of Steam, with the multiplayer also being healthily populated.

What’s the best weapon in the game? 
While it slightly depends if you’re in single or multiplayer, the VSS Vintorez is widely considered the most effective gun due to its accuracy, range, clip size, and the fact that it’s got a silencer, making stealth a breeze.

Why are weapons disappearing from my armory? 
If you steal weapons or tech from the enemy, they won’t be permanently unlocked, but rather stay in your armory for five hours. Better make them count!

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