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About Ryse: Son of Rome

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Crytek Studios | Platform: Console
Ryse: Son of Rome is a third-person historical action-adventure game in which the player controls a Roman soldier on his quest to save the Empire from invading barbarians, amongst other threats.

Developed by Crytek and released exclusively for the Xbox One and Windows platforms, Son of Rome features two main components: a campaign and cooperative multiplayer mode. In the campaign, players will assume the role of Marius Titus, a centurion in the Roman military who must hack and slash his way through thousands of opposing barbarians to secure safety for his family and fellow citizens back home. The story in Ryse: Son of Rome is well delivered and contains plenty of mythos for fans of the time period, while the cooperative play is a nice supplement that allows for hours of mindless fun.

Ryse: Son of Rome: What We Like The Most

The time period
Son of Rome doesn't skimp away from its historical backdrop; instead plunging players head-first into the mythos of Rome, including a heavy emphasis on the mystical elements of their culture such as gods. The enemies are accurate to history as well, like the threat of the Celtic barbarians led by Boudica.

The visuals
Crytek is known for their games' visual luster and high production values, and their Son of Rome game is no different in that it features beautifully crafted environments that put you in the heart of the Mediterranean and Ancient Gaul. Character models are crisp and shiny, and the light reflections off of Marius's armor are some of the best light-metal interaction visuals in the medium. In short, Ryse is the perfect example of what a cinematic game should look like. 

The cooperative multiplayer
Fighting off hordes of barbarians is only as fun as the person you're playing with and Ryse knows this. Featuring plenty of expertly crafted maps and characters to choose from, multiplayer encourages replayability for extended play sessions with friends. The arenas are robust and grand, and the fighters available to play as range from basic gladiators to the Nanosuit from Crysis, a very cool cameo included by Crytek.

The Basics of Ryse: Son of Rome

Playing as Marius Titus, players will be swept up into a story involving political intrigue, corruption and the impending threat of invasion by the Celts. Led by Boudica, warrior princess from the north, you must push back her army of vicious barbarians and protect Rome at all costs. This necessitates Ryse: Son of Rome’s basic sword and shield gameplay, as well as the ability to command volleys of archers to reign terror down on foes and summoning catapults to hurl flaming rocks onto the opposition. These are the three different gameplay mechanics Marius employs in his quest for victory.

Ryse: Son of Rome: Core Challenges

1. Always execute your enemies
While taking a moment to perform a slow-paced quick time event might seem unfavorable compared to senselessly hacking away at the opposition, the only way to regain health is through the slow, methodical executions of enemies since Ryse doesn't feature regenerative health. Time your button presses and perform grizzly takedowns to receive a chunk of Marius' vitality back for each barbarian killed.

2. In multiplayer, choose Apollo at first
When entering the Ryse arena with a co-op partner, your gladiator is initially fairly fragile. To counteract this, one Son of Rome gameplay strategy is to choose Apollo when presented with the four deity options. Unlike the other gods, Apollo grants your player extra health on executions, similar to the campaign mode. While the other gods are better for late-game rewards such as extra experience or damage buffs, it's best to go for health until your gladiator is an armored beast.

3. Stick with a god
In multiplayer, it might be tempting to swap between the four gods constantly, to get different abilities and keep game play fresh. However, if you swap too often you'll never see the rewards for sticking with a certain deity for the long haul. Specifically, Apollo's shield and Jupiter's sword are great rewards for sticking with either of the two gods for the long haul, and are well worth the dedication. 

Top User Questions

Is Ryse combat diverse or repetitive? 
It's definitely leaning more towards the repetitive side, but in the best of ways. There's a certain rhythm and flow to repeating the same basic combat cycles over and over, and it's not only addicting but also extremely fun.

How long is the campaign in Ryse: Son of Rome? 
It's only around seven hours long but feels substantially longer and larger when you reflect on the story mode's grand vistas and scenic backdrops, as well as the mysterious and empowering narrative bestowed upon the main character, Marius

Is the Ryse multiplayer a meaningful addition? 
Yes. While other single player games might tack on a horde mode for sake of longevity, Ryse has an exceptional amount of depth put into its gladiator mode, encouraging gear swaps, item experimentation and god selection to mix and match with until you find the perfect combination for your ultimate arena warrior.

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