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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios | Platform: PC
Smite is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that is available on the PC and XBOX One. It’s published by Hi-Rez Studios and offers a third-person view of battle simulation, letting Smite players role play as mythological characters such as Zeus, Medusa, Chronos and Hercules.

Level up your characters to unlock skins and other power-ups while doing battle with and against online players.

Smite Gameplay Basics

Upon beginning a Smite match, gamers are prompted to choose one of several dozen immortals to go into battle with. Players of opposing teams, which consist of three to five players each, will begin on opposite sides of a game map and must destroy the Phoenixes and Titans of the other team in order to win.

Each team has a group of minions that reanimate every 30 seconds, and must use them as well as their main character in order to destroy the enemies' defenses.

There are several different gameplay modes for Smite: Conquest, Assault, Arena, Siege, and Joust. Each comes with its own graphics background and map theme.

Smite: What We Like About This Game

Strategy Based
You will need to plan carefully and use your teammates as well as minions to prevail. In the Smite game, going in with spells blazing without thinking things through is a sure-fire way to experience a quick defeat.

One good characteristic of any free-to-play MOBA game, especially the Smite video game, is that is allows gamers to unlock features or skins without the need to pay for them. The more you play with a certain Smite character, the more you will level up that "immortal" and be able to unlock its special features.

Third-Person Perspective
There aren't many popular MOBA games that feature a third-person perspective within actual gameplay. Placing the camera angle slightly behind gamers' characters (rather than a bird's-eye view) makes for an intriguing gameplay dynamic.

Smite: Core Challenges

Timing and Teamwork are everything in Smite. You need to ensure that a potential attack on an enemy target will have a reasonable chance of succeeding before making an attempt.

Building your Character Up is also very important in Smite. The more time you take with one of the mythical characters you control, the more able you will become. Experiment with different builds to gauge which one is right for you.

Player vs. Player Confrontations are what this game is all about, despite having to do battle against multitudes of minor enemies to encounter such a situation. When faced with doing battle against another human player, it is vital to know whether your character's attributes will be able to put up a competitive fight against your fellow human enemy.

Smite FAQs

How can I best assist my team? 
If you're just starting out, make it a habit to recognize your teammates' characters and know what their strengths and weaknesses are; doing this will let you assist during the key moments and battle your way to victory.

How long does Smite matches last? 
This varies a great deal depending on how competitive each match is. Quick matches can end in well under 15 minutes, while longer matches can last more than an hour.

How do I purchase and improve items in Smite? 
This requires going back to your base, which is located at the starting point of the map. Doing so is instant, but you will have to travel back to your previous location on foot.

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