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About School of Dragons

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Knowledge Adventure | Platform: Mobile
For every kid (and child-at-heart!) who saw Dreamworks' “How To Train Your Dragon” and wanted to be just like Hiccup, School of Dragons lets you step into the role of dragon trainer in a free-to-play online world.

Developed by JumpStart Games and available on both PC and mobile platforms, School of Dragons puts you into the role of a fledgling Viking raising a baby dragon from a pint sized smoke belcher to a magnificent flying terror.

With an abundance of mini-games and play modes, School of Dragons ditches the typical combat-heavy aspects of a MMORPG and instead focuses on forging a bond with your hatchling and competing with other players.

School of Dragons: What We Like The Most

Raising and flying a fire breathing dragon is a goal that will resonate with gamers well beyond just fans of the film franchise, but there's plenty more to enjoy in this massively multi-player world populated with fantastic creatures and open landscapes.

Multiple simulators in one
While trying to match the training success story of Hiccup and Toothless, your Viking will have to keep a fickle dragon happy, raise crops and animals and learn how to fly through tight corners in caves. It's like a pet, farm and flight simulator all rolled into one.

Dragon Options
Starting with a personality test to match you with the right breed, School of Dragons features dozens of different dragon varieties, which can all be highly customized. From the two-headed Hideous Zippleback to the all-teeth-and-spines of the Whispering Death and on to even the frightening Boneknapper, in School of Dragons there's a dragon for every kind of player.

Coming from a company known for educational games, it shouldn't come as a surprise that School of Dragons sneaks in quite a bit of knowledge for the younger gamers. Early parts of the game specifically focus on teaching the scientific method and learning from incorrect hypotheses.

The Basics of School of Dragons Play

Keeping a young dragon trainer always on the move, School of Dragons features many real-time elements alongside persistent ones, so in-between rounds of Fireball Frenzy and Alchemy Adventure you'll need to check on your crops, reel in a few fish to feed your dragon and always be on the lookout for quests to earn experience and gold.

Encouraging cooperation and competition between players, Vikings in School of Dragons can also join a guild or even create their own, and the job board at your farm will keep you busy completing tasks to save up the coins necessary for new outfits and totems.

School of Dragons: Core Challenges

Becoming the most well-known dragon trainer in Berk is no easy task, but with persistence and these School of Dragon strategies you'll be well on the way to raising the fastest, strongest dragons on the island.

1. Keeping your dragon happy
They may look tireless and terrifying, but dragons get worn out and grumpy over time. Remember to frequently play games of fetch with your dragon and feed him different kinds of fish to keep his energy up. Don't forget to go eel hunting to raise his happiness meter - an upset dragon is no help when you need him to fly or spit fire!

2. Fishing
In School of Dragons, different kinds of fish are found depending on whether you are casting into freshwater, saltwater, and or an underground lake, but the basic method of catching them remains the same. Always keep the line angled between the two red bars, and if it shifts suddenly towards either side, stop reeling in to prevent the line from snapping. 

3. Flight school and fireball frenzy
Once your dragon is large enough to fly and breathe fire, be sure to take him out for Flight School and Fireball Frenzy missions. Use the time slow down ability during fireball challenges to quickly aim at high point targets. While flying through obstacle courses, keep your dragon's fireball charged and ready to go to destroy any obstacles, and keep in mind you only have to nick the sides of rings during flight missions instead of actually going through them.

Top User Questions About School of Dragons

What's the point of a membership? 
Although School of Dragons is free-to-play, gems are needed to buy certain high-end equipment. A membership removes ads from the game, automatically provides you with 500 gems per month and provides a mystery box each month with a new random dragon egg.

How do I get into the action faster? 
Virtually every aspect of School of Dragons that has a wait time can be bypassed by spending extra gems. From skipping the baby dragon phase and immediately having a full-grown beast to fly to avoiding the time it takes for plants to grow, strategically spending your limited supply of gems can get you much further into the game much more quickly.

How do I earn more gems?  
Typically gems must be purchased online with real money, but it's also possible to earn a respectably steady supply of gems for free simply by inviting other players online through email or Facebook. If they sign up for an account, your Viking will get an extra 50 gems for upgrading your guild, buying outfits and getting new structures for your farm.

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