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About Skullduggery!

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Genre: Platformer | Publisher: ClutchPlay Games | Platform: Mobile
Skullduggery! is a platform adventure title where you're a rolling skull out to stop tax cheats. As an officer for your ghoulish tax collection agency, your job is to bust all the boneheads not filing their tax returns by launching yourself into them using your touchpad.  By flinging yourself around the place, you will take down the duty dodgers and find their stored loot.  The best Skullduggery agents will rake in big points and other goodies such as hidden collectibles.

Skullduggery! is developed by ClutchPlay Games, and available on iOS, and Android

Core Challenges of Skullduggery!

Skullduggery! takes the gameplay of Angry Birds and marries it to Super Mario Bros.  You are given a level to explore for bad guys, secrets, collectibles, puzzles, hazards and more as you make your way to the exit.  You'll want to be especially careful of these bone-breaking challenges.

If you were ever wondering what it would be like to play a classic 90's platformer game with Angry Birds-style controls, then this is the title.  In the Skullduggery! game you must grab your skull by the brain, yes, brain, stretch the brain out of the skull, then let go to fling the skull in the direction you want.  Whenever you stretch the skull's brain, the skull's perception of time increases, causing a "slow-motion" effect.  You better get really good at not just flinging your skull past spikes, enemies, and crushing walls, but using the slow-motion effect to make perfect jumps and dodges.

Skullduggery! wouldn't be a platformer without coins and other collectibles to search for, and this game has them.  There are loads of coins per level, with 3 collectibles in the form of loot your agency must repossess, everything from fancy statues to high-priced jewelry, all hidden in secret nooks and crannies.
Bad Guys Don't Pay
And like any good platformer, there are loads of bad guys to bop in Skullduggery!.  The tax cheats include mobsters and molls to even Egyptian pharaohs.  They will use everything from clubbing weapons to swat you out of the air, to firearms to blow you apart (!).  That's not including the cannon traps, spikes, and other hazards.

What We Like Most About Skullduggery!

Skullduggery! can be great fun for platformer fans looking for a fun choice for their tablets.  The game has all the great fun a platformer should have, using quirky and unique slingshot-controls to move around the levels along with these extra great features.

There are a fun variety of power-ups you can collect in this Skullduggery! videogame.  By flinging your skull face-first into special lanterns hanging on the walls, you may be granted a cool power-up you can use, such as a magnet effect to pull coins to you, or a fire power-up that will let you burn through ropes and other flammable objects.

Beating Up Bad Guys
The way you take down tax cheaters in this game is pretty inventive.  You must fling your skull into those skeletal bad guys to knock them into a pile of bones.  If you "headshot" them, that is, fling yourself right into their faces, you will get a bonus "brain" from the baddie you can collect for health.  

Lots of stuff to unlock
You can unlock levels as you progress, but what's more is each level has loads of secrets and collectibles to find, in addition to three unique achievement-style badges per level.  As you collect these, you can unlock lots of cool new skulls to use, such as "Frieda", a female, Dios de los Muertos style skull.

The Story and Gameplay of Skullduggery!

The IRS, or "Infernal Revenue Service", has a mission: to make sure spooky souls pay their taxes, or else.  That's where you and your skull avatar come in to bust some boneheads and make sure they pay their fair share, even if you have to raid their levels to do it.  After some hard-headed hard knocks at a university for training tax agents, you'll have to move to raiding everything from gangster hideouts to even the tombs of some phony pharaohs to get their taxes back to the government.  It's a tough job, but some skull's got to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skullduggery!

Any tips for dealing with Skullduggery bad guys, especially guys with guns? 
Always try to sneak up on bad guys and fling yourself directly into the back of their heads for a "headshot" and free brain to collect for health and achievements.  Watch out for bad guys with armor on; some of them require a headshot to take down and even then may be wearing extra helmets that require a couple of bops to the head.

I can't find this one Skullduggery collectible? 
There are a lot of levels with secret passages and tunnel in them, just like in old-school platformers.  Those passages are invisible, but you can usually spot their entrances through telltale signs, like strange dips or nooks in the walls and floors.  When in doubt, test every wall, floor and ceiling by flinging your skull into them.

This is the boss, "Al Cabone", that chases you around with a tommy gun that fires homing bullets.  Note that your skull moves faster relative to the enemies while in slow-motion, and you'll be able to react to new threats better too, so stay in slow-motion as much as possible as you navigate the maze of bricks as you escape the boss.  Remember also that you can use steel blocks as cover from the bullets in some areas.

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