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About Sky Force 2014

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Infinite Dreams | Platform: Mobile
Sky Force 2014 is an arcade-style top down shooter developed by Infinite Dreams. It is available for iOS and Android, and was made to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. Players who enjoy classic arcade-style shooters like Capcom’s 1941, or modern “shmup” games such as the famous Touhou series, will probably enjoy Sky Force’s tenth anniversary title.

Sky Force 2014 Basics

In Sky Force 2014 you control a lone fighter plane in an attempt to stop the evil General Mantis’ armies from achieving dominance. Sky Force 2014 gameplay follows you from a top-down angle as you attack General Mantis’ tanks, warboats, and fighter planes while dodging their shots. Natural phenomena such as rock formations and rainstorms also impede your progress. You can pick up stars from destroyed enemies to exchange for upgrades and better weapons.

Besides destroying enemies, you can also hold your plane over stranded fighters to rescue them, and upgrade your plane in the hangar in between missions. There are also tournaments organized by Infinite Dreams that allow you to pit your skills against fellow Sky Force 2014 players all across the world.

Core Challenges

Whether you’re struggling for those tough-to-get medals or desperately scrambling to overcome a tremendous boss battle, here are three Sky Force tips and tricks to help you get started.

Sky Force 2014 Tip 1 - Don’t Neglect the Magnet Upgrade
When you’re upgrading, it can be tempting to dump all your points into missiles and extra cannons, or maybe buff up your armor and your health. But don’t discount the Magnet upgrade — it helps you get stars quicker, meaning you’ll amass newer points to upgrade with faster. Even just a few boosts into Magnet can turn into an investment that saves you a lot in the long run.

Sky Force 2014 Tip 2  - Tackle Medals One at a Time
Each level offers four medals: 70% enemies destroyed, 100% enemies destroyed, no damage taken, and all humans rescued. Trying to get all four of these at once is an exercise in madness. Instead, pick a single medal to go after and stick to it. If you’re rescuing humans, don’t even worry about shooting at enemies unless you have to.

Sky Force 2014 Tip 3 - Take Your Time with Bosses
Unlike normal enemies, which can dart on and off screen in only a few seconds, bosses don’t have a time limit — they stay until either they’re dead or you are. Because of that, it’s worth your time to take a defensive approach to most bosses. If taking that shot would result in you getting shot yourself, don’t do it! Another opportunity to attack will reveal itself.

What We Love About Sky Force 2014

The first Sky Force was an early star of the mobile market, and its tenth anniversary title is nothing to sneeze at either. Here are three things we love about Sky Force 2014.

The Art
The art in Sky Force 2014 is simply amazing. The levels look almost hand-painted, and the tropical archipelago the game primarily takes place in leaps off the screen with vivid colors. Effects like clouds, rain, and lightning are put to great use, and are some of the standout aspects of this title.

The Tournaments
With a set number of levels, some might think Sky Force 2014 would grow stale after beating it. And that’s where the tournaments come in, providing a way to pit yourself against fellow players and prove your superiority. For players who have conquered the main story, the tournaments are a great way to continue overcoming challenges, and it greatly helps the game’s longevity.

The Bosses
The boss fights in Sky Force 2014 are simply amazing. Featuring impressive designs and an onslaught of fire, even the early bosses will put you through the wringer when it comes to standout battles. The last few bosses, particularly the final boss, feature multiple forms that will really test your capabilities.

Top User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Sky Force 2014

The laser in Sky Force 2014 is a devastating weapon but can be prohibitively costly, particularly early on in the game. For this reason, it’s best used against bosses, which are frequently stationary and thus run less risk of you accidentally missing, or against a cluster of enemies while hunting for a “destroy all enemies” medal.

If an enemy is glowing, it means that enemy is carrying an upgrade. If you destroy them, that upgrade will be yours to collect for the rest of the level. For this reason it’s best to prioritize them when they appear.

How Do I Find the Energy Shield and Laser
Both of these tools can be purchased using Sky Force’s in-app system, or occasionally dropped over the course of a level. Both the energy shield and laser are one-use items, so it’s best to save them for when you really feel in a tight spot.

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