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About Spellfall

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Genre: Puzzle | Publisher: Backflip Studios | Platform: Mobile
Developed by Backflip Studios, Spellfall is a free-to-play match-3 puzzle game that heavily incorporates RPG elements into its gameplay. However, if the questing ever becomes to difficult, then we’ve got plenty of Spellfall tips and tricks to aid your journey, ranging from Spellfall cascade tips to Spellfall extra coins helpSo start that matching and take down the darkness!

The Basics of Playing Spellfall

Even if you’re burnt out on match-3 puzzlers, it’s worth checking out Spellfall for its successful synthesis of both puzzle and RPG games.  There’s a whole new weight to matching tiles when it translates to inflicting damage on demons, and your combos can literally save your life. It’s a smart way to inject a deeper story into a freemium game — as you improve your runes, weapons, and armor a simple match game lies underneath.

Spellfall Strategy: Core Challenges

Spellfall is a surprisingly deep gaming experience with various mechanics that must be mastered in order to bring evil to its knees. Here are some pro tips to ensure your victory and that you live to puzzle another day.

Everything has a weakness! Don’t make battling harder than it needs to be. Remembering each element’s weak spot can be the deciding factor in battle. 

By equipping elemental runes into your weapons or armor sockets, you’ll in turn increase the attack or defense of said element. This is the only way that you’ll master the more complicated game functions and get the most out of your battles.  

In Spellfall, gold is crucial to acquiring the stronger weapons, runes, and armor that can be lifesavers in the later battles. While grinding will yield great results, inviting friends via Facebook and using elements against their weaknesses will also maximize your gold intake

Spellfall: What We Like the Most

Spellfall is a breath of fresh air compared to other free-to-play puzzle titles as a result of how much it pulls from the role-playing video game genre. This leads to some welcome freedom and customization to the game, however, the title also triumphs due to some other defining features that help it stand out.

Rewarding Friendship
Spellfall has a friendly feature that rewards you for inviting acquaintances into the game. This is not just some singular bonus, though, but rather your friends are identified and when you’re all in the same area, you’ll experience bonuses like extra moves and gold

Free-To-Play That’s Actually Free
While there are a few attempts regarding additional lives where they try to gouge you a little, Spellfall is otherwise pretty fair with the in-game purchases. None of them are mandatory, and you can fully complete the experience without spending a dime. 

The Story
So much weight is added to a puzzle game when matching is transformed into battling, and you now have to worry about things like a turn count and counter attacks, unlike most match-3 titles. This paired with a lengthy, classical good vs. evil story makes this easily deeper than the generic puzzler.

Top User Questions About Spellfall

How do the tiers of rarity flags work? 
The flags, from most common to the rarest are: gray, white, green, blue, orange, purple, and gold.

Why must I defeat recaptured areas? 
They’ll stop producing gold until you’ve defeated them again. It may seem tedious, but it’s fundamental, and, luckily, the enemies improve while you’re away, further increasing the game’s difficulty.

How does “overkill” come into play? 
“Overkill” is turned on when an enemy’s life is depleted during battle. The matches that follow, and any leftover tiles on the board, will give you additional coins upon your victory.

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