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About Spider-Man Unlimited

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: Gameloft | Platform: Mobile
Spider-man Unlimited HD is an endless runner (fondly referred to as a web-runner by Marvel and Gameloft) unlike all the others in its category.  

Developed by Gameloft, this Spider-Man game combines a rapidly evolving story, with unique game mechanics that truly enable it to distinguish itself from the other endless runner games for mobile devices, such as the Temple Run series.  

With more than enough content to pull from, Marvel and Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited HD is constantly being updated with characters and storylines to keep fans coming back for more.  And plenty of Spider-Man Unlimited tips and tricks to master to quickly move up the leader boards. 

Spider-Man Unlimited: What We Like The Most

While there is a lot to enjoy about Gameloft and Marvel’s Spider-Man Unlimited game, to be concise, we’ll give you the top three things that we feel really make the game fun for everyone who plays.

A Unique Story
Spider-Man Unlimited HD has a unique and engaging story that for many is the main purpose for playing. The satisfaction of completing an intricate and interesting story mode appeals to all gamers, and with villains like the Sinister Six behind the chaos, players, and Spider-Man, definitely have their hands full.

Enhanced Movements
Unlike other endless runner games, in Spider-Man Unlimited HD, Spider-Man does much more than simply run; Spider-Man fights, web-swings and wall crawls, just as you would expect from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 

Diverse Spider-Man Characters
The Spiderman Unlimited HD video game features a huge collection of Spider-Men to collect and play with, pulled directly from Marvel Comics’ Spiderman universe  — with the most recent addition being the rare Spider-Gwen. 

Spider-Man Unlimited: Core Challenges

Similar to other endless runners, this Spider-Man game is also built around a leaderboard system, where players either compete for rewards in the Spider-Man Unlimited in-game events, or simply for bragging rights and valuable experience points in the Unlimited Mode. And while skill definitely plays a huge part, since each Spider-Man has a unique skill, there are a lot of Spider-Man Unlimited tips and tricks that can be useful when deciding how you play. For example: 

1. Spider-Man characters have a score bonus when running or web-swinging, while others may offer an overall score bonus at the end of your run. 
2. Another helpful Spider-Man tip is to conserve your ISO-8, which you’ll use to continue your run if you make a mistake, and also to summon new Spider-Man characters through Gameloft’s portal system. It’s best to only use an ISO -8 when you feel you may potentially break your last high score. 
3. It’s also worth noting that in order to progress within the Spider-Man Unlimited game’s story mode, you’ll need higher ranked Spider-Men, which can take time — which is another reason that it’s important to use strategy in this Spider-man mobile game. There will come a point when you’ll be able to level up multiple characters simultaneously, meaning that taking advantage and being fully aware of each Spider-Man’s special ability 

The Basics of Spider-Man Unlimited HD

In the Spider-Man Unlimited HD endless runner, Spider-Man must defend New York City against the cross-dimensional versions of the Sinister Six, who’ve been rampaging across time and space. With the help of S.H.I.E.L.D., Spiderman has been able to use the same dimensional portal that the Sinister Six arrived from to summon other Spider-Men from across Marvel’s Spider-Man universe to lend a hand.  

With each Spider-man having a different costume and ability, you’ll need to level them up if you want to defeat the Sinister Six, and also earn the highest score on the Spider-Man Unlimited leaderboards

Top User Questions

Can You Avoid Using ISO-8 to refill your Spider-Man Unlimited energy?
Yes, and no. In Spider-Man Unlimited, Gameloft’s energy system can become slightly frustrating, as it can take almost an hour before your energy supply is refilled after being completely depleted. However, one of the best Spider-Man Unlimited HD tips and tricks revolves around your friends list. In this Spider-Man mobile game, players are allowed to send one Spiderman energy unit to each individual friend. The more friends you have the more energy units that can be sent your way — significantly reducing the amount of wasted ISO-8. 

Should I purchase extra inventory slots?
Inventory management is crucial, especially when you’re trying to avoid using massive amounts of ISO-8 to rank up your various Spider-Men. Unless you have the slots available you’ll be unable to summon new characters that you’ll need if you want to rank up your team for free. One recommended Spider-Man Unlimited game tip is to continuously purchase new slots as you progress — if you can spare the ISO-8 that you’ll need for the purchase. 

Should I try and collect every Spider-Man?
While you can get through the game with a few highly ranked characters, collecting the different Spider-Man versions is a huge part of the fun. Plus, some story mode challenges in Spider-Man Unlimited game can only be completed with a specific Spider-Man character. 

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