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About Stormfall: Rise of Balur

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Genre: Strategy | Publisher: Plarium Global Ltd | Platform: Mobile
Following in the footsteps of Stormfall: Age of War released in 2012, Rise of Balur seems to be along the same lines, but definitely a different game. The developers, Plarium Global Ltd., have come out with this free to play MMO game, which might be a strategy to gain a foothold in the app world, after its success with Age of War on social media. The aim of the game is to build an empire from the ground up. In Stormfall: Rise of Balur you start with building farms and mines to stack up your resources, which you use to create a strong army to use for raiding and defeating whomever, you please. a

What We Like the Most

Stunning Graphics and Fantastic Musical Score
One of the things that make Stormfall: Rise of Balur special is its graphics. Seeing your empire develop on your iPhone screen is a pleasure, and seeing it on a tablet is spectacular. Such high quality of graphics were definitely not expected from a free title, and to top it, the game has a fantastic musical score developed by Jesper Kyd, who by the way had won the BAFTA Games Award in 2005 for Original Score.    

Element of Surprise and Shock
You usually do not expect something unnerving and sudden in a strategy game, especially when you do not get to participate in the combat. However, since you can attack in real time, you could also be attacked at any moment. Even though it might seem a bit unnerving to face an attack suddenly, it provides an element of excitement that is usually missing in other real time strategy games.  

Social Angle
Well, you could put it more as a political angle, as you try convincing other players to join you, and form powerful leagues for consolidating power and controlling more territory. This adds a new dimension to the game, where you get to polish your Machiavellian and diplomacy skills

Basic Gameplay

The Stormfall: Rise of Balur gameplay revolves around building an empire and expanding your territories. You first start with generating resources by building mines and farms. These resources in turn will help in recruiting and training an army comprised of different units that includes simple archers and pikemen, to powerful demons and dragons

Your army will mainly be divided in two parts, one part is specially meant for defending your territory, while the other is meant for raiding and attacking enemy territories. The result of combat mainly depends on the type of units you have employed, and the amount of territory you are able to keep under your control will mainly depend on your Rise of Balur strategies.

Major Challenges and Tips to Overcome Them

When you are planning to build an empire from the ground up, it can become complex and certain challenges could be daunting for new players. Here are a few Stormfall: Rise of Balur tips and strategies that can give you a concrete head start:

1. Understand Currencies
Take some time to understand how you can earn different currencies and on what you can spend them. The main one is Sapphire, which you can even buy with actual cash. There are other types as well, like soulstones, which you can earn when you defend or attack the battleground during certain times, and you can spend them to buy skull runes or lost art scrolls. Currencies, especially sapphires, can incredibly speed up your building activity and advancement in the game overall. 

2. Types of Troops
The Rise of Balur troops that have green shields are for defense, and troops armed with red swords are for attacking and raiding. Unless you are extremely desperate, do not use one type of troop for the task of the other. For instance, if you are facing an attack, don’t send your troops with red swords to the catacombs; they will be unable to assist in defending, and this will possibly save them from being wiped out by an enemy army. 

In Stormfall: Rise of Balur you can undertake one construction task at a time, whereas training different troops can go on simultaneously. However, you could speed up construction by hiring more by spending sapphires. 

Stormfall: Rise of Balur FAQ

Who are the Silent Ones in Rise of Balur?
Silent Ones are spies who can scout enemy settlements or castles and provide information about defenses. They are also able to defend themselves, if they encounter spies of other players. 

What is the easiest way to get resources in Stormfall?
You can simply raid areas of inactive players, especially when they are not part of any leagues, since there is very little risk of retribution. It is the easiest way for acquiring food, metal, or gold. 

Do I have to join a league?
Attacking, capturing, and holding on to Beacons and settlements are big tasks and you will need the help of others at some point. Building a vast empire, which is the goal of Stormfall: Rise of Balur, may not be possible without joining a league

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