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About Super Mario Maker

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Genre: Platformer | Publisher: Nintendo | Platform: Wii
Super Mario Maker is the first party Nintendo game developed and published by Nintendo. Super Mario Maker is a new take on the classic franchise of platformers that allows the player to make their own levels and play them! Players no longer need to hack ROMs to make, share, and play their own levels. The game is targeted mostly towards Nintendo's fan base and gamers who love the Super Mario franchise. Super Mario Maker has become an instant hit by allowing players to make their own levels in the style of their favorite Mario titles such as Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.

Super Mario Maker: Core Challenges

The challenge in Super Mario Maker does not actually come from the game itself, with the exception of a few sample courses built into the game itself, but from the players that play it. The biggest game aspect of playing this game is making levels and having other people play them; so the real challenge comes from those who have shared their created levels. When playing levels online, Nintendo provides a statistic of people who have finished and cleared the game. That way, if a level has an extremely low clear rate, the player can choose not to play the level if he or she would feel like it would be a waste of time, or impossible to clear.

The player can also contribute to the challenges of the game considering he or she can share their own levels. Creating a challenging level is much easier said than done. It requires more than thinking how a level would be difficult to the player, but how the level would be difficult to other players. Thinking outside of the box can be difficult for most people new to the Mario franchise so coming up with crafty tricks and interesting twists when making levels is not usually that easy. That means that the player has to think about the different play styles people use when playing Mario, such as playing carefully, rushing, etc...

Super Mario Maker: What We Like About It

Level Customization
Obviously players can customize their own levels while creating them; but the extent of the customization is truly amazing! Players can choose from more than 30 enemy elements and stage hazards, including multiple ways of presenting them in-stage (as opposed to simply placing them in one spot on the stage) and different sound effects for different players as they interact throughout the stage!

Playing Friend's Levels
Playing levels of complete strangers can be fun, but the ability to play a friend's level is even more fun. Having the ability to upload a level, go to a friend's house, then watch them try and play it, or vise-versa.

Amiibo Game Interaction
Super Mario Maker has a feature where the player can scan their amiibo with the WiiU game pad and unlock a costume for Mario to play as the character the amiibo is based off of. The costume can have different sounds when jumping than Mario and can have different fanfares for finishing the level. Costumes can also do poses, it's not significant to game play, but it is still a cool feature.

Super Mario Maker: Story / Gameplay

Super Mario Maker has no story to speak of. It does have the 10 Mario Challenges which rehashes the franchise's original story where Mario fights through stages to save Princess Peach. The 10 Mario Challenges also unlocks sample courses, so it's not a complete waste of time to play through and beat them. There is also a funny Easter egg that appears when the player finishes the final level of a course with a costume on; for instance, if you are wearing a Bowser costume, instead of telling Mario that Peach is in another castle, Toad will say, “B-B-Bowser?! Aaaaghhhh! I thought you'd taken the princess to another castle!

Super Mario Maker: FAQs

How many levels are there in Super Mario Maker
There are 68 unlockable sample courses to unlock throughout the game. Additionally, you can save up to 120 different courses to your WiiU profile.

How many players can play Super Mario Maker? 
Unfortunately, unlike previous titles in the franchise, only one player can play a course at a time on one console.

Are the limits to elements in Super Mario Maker? 
Yes. You can only place 2000 blocks, 200 platforms, 10 warp pipes, 100 power-ups, 100 enemies, 100 directional objects, 8 doors (4 sets of 2) and 3 Bowser Jr. and/or Bowsers.

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