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About Super Monday Night Combat

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Uber Entertainment | Platform: PC
A sequel to the original Monday Night Combat developed by Uber Entertainment, Super Monday Night Combat sets professional death match players against each other in frantic, free-to-play multiplayer action.

Set in a slapstick future, Super Monday Night Combat's gameplay simulates a televised sporting event complete with mascots (who can be shot for money and prizes of course) and tasks gun-wielding athletes with destroying the opposing team's Money Ball while protecting their own at all costs.

With an adorably obnoxious announcer who goes out of his way to mock your efforts at every opportunity, Super Monday Night Combat offers fast paced action for fans of either shooters or MOBA games.

Super Monday Night Combat: What We Like The Most

Combining the elements of a run-and-gun shooter with the grinding and upgrading aspects of a free-to-play online title, Super Monday Night Combat keeps the action at a breakneck pace as players earn combat credits to gain new corporate endorsements or upgrade abilities before the next match. 

Cooperate and competitive play
While classic 5 versus 5 team play is available in Super Crossfire and Turbocross modes, those who aren't as interested in competitive gaming can instead join forces with other players. The cooperative Blitz mode forces players to support one another while attempting to survive increasingly deadly waves of bot enemies that never let up.

Zany combat
Moving at lightning speeds that constantly have every player on the run, Super Monday Combat features such silliness as playable Tommy gun-wielding gorillas, slippery banana peels and giant chickens that can be ridden for extra cash.

Besides the ability to earn new outfits, equipment and endorsements, there are 17 different playable combat classes in Super Monday Combat. With only a handful available when first starting the game, there's plenty of incentive to keep playing matches and earn the thousands of combat credits required to unlock more specialized classes.

The Basics of Super Monday Night Combat Play

Keeping players on their toes while avoiding bullets and energy blasts, Super Monday Combat's main objective of destroying the opposing team's Money Ball features a twist - only AI controlled bots can actually damage the ball. 

To win matches a team has to focus on destroying deadly turrets that will mow down your horde of bots, while also staving off the other side's own bot army. With classes available in the commando, striker, enforcer, defender and sharp shooter categories, successfully taking on the opposing group also requires balancing your team across the available classes, as a well-rounded team will annihilate a hyper-focused crew.

Super Monday Night Combat: Core Challenges

The tide of battle in any given match can shift quickly as new waves of bots are generated or turrets get taken offline. Following these core Super Monday Night Combat strategies will see your team gain the upper hand.

1. Keep those turrets maintained
Turrets are there to slow down the bot hordes when your team is off fighting with other players, so defending them and applying regular upgrades is just as important as protecting the critical Money Ball itself. Without proper turret maintenance, the bot lanes will quickly fill with an enemy mechanical army.

2. Using class abilities efficiently
Besides upgrading your Pro by buying new endorsements and products, dominating in combat requires finding ways to use each of the class skills in combination for more devastating effects. The basic Assault class for instance can easily maneuver to higher ground, while the bomb skill does quadruple damage to enemy players (rather than bots) if you score a direct hit and then remotely detonate. Always play to a character's strengths, and don't forget to use healing and buffing abilities: the Cheston class for instance is great at close combat, but he can also heal himself and nearby allies when you find yourself in a bind.

3. The Annihilator
Capturing and activating the Annihilator early offers a clear advantage in competitive game modes, as it will blow up all of the opposing team's bots and damage their players before resetting for a five minute cool down time.

Top User Questions About Super Monday Night Combat

Is it better to be aggressive or defensive in Super Monday Night Combat?  
On cooperative Blitz mode, being aggressive pays off as the horde of bots never slow down, but on Super Crossfire and Turbocross, dying gives the enemy a huge point advantage. When facing down more skilled or better-equipped players in competitive modes, it's better to retreat and heal up than to push forward and get gunned down.

How do I stay alive in Super Crossfire / Turbocross modes?  
Activating the jumping nodes offers a height advantage while sniping down at enemies who can't easily shoot back, but don't neglect your own health while trying to blow up opponents. For a quick health boost, buy Regenitol at stations spread out across the map, or instead head back to the base spawn point to recover health. 

What's the best Blitz strategy?  
Always be on the lookout for helpful icons you can activate like bug swarms or cannons (which quickly kill large groups of bots), but only activate them when they are needed, as they have long cool down periods. The largest, most heavily armored bots are difficult to take down unless the whole team is focusing gunfire at the same time. A well-timed grapple from behind on the other hand will make quick work of even the most dangerous bots.

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