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Genre: Action | Publisher: Team17 Software | Platform: PC
Returning to a retro style of both art and game play, the top-down jail break simulator The Escapists presents a surprisingly open game set in an 8-bit prison. A crowd funded experiment from the one-man Mouldy Toof Studios, The Escapists lets you live out your favorite season of Prison Break and decide how you'd end your own personal version of The Shawshank Redemption.

Available for both PC and Xbox One, The Escapists abandons linear game play so you can plot out and execute every last detail of a prison break, from earning favors by beating down an unpopular inmate in the shower to finding the best way to hide contraband.

The Escapists: What We Like The Most

Being incarcerated has never been so much fun, as you'll be busy working out the perfect escape plan while doing anything from innocently washing loads of prison laundry to interacting with other felons in the cafeteria.

Trial and error
There's no hand holding here, and despite the simplistic graphics there's nothing easy about escaping prison. You're absolutely going to get caught and spend time in solitary during your first few escape attempts as you learn to cover your tracks and plan for unexpected developments.

Total freedom
The Escapists lets you decide how you want to attempt your break out – set up another inmate and take his job that offers a better potential escape route? Steal contraband that can be used to dig a tunnel under the prison's outer wall? Unleash your inner thug and assault a guard for his keys? Try dying your clothes to look like a guard's uniform and just walk out the front door? 

Prison map editor
Unleash your inner diabolical prison warden by crafting the most difficult of all big houses to break out of, or download one created by another player through the Steam workshop. If you didn't properly plan your prison, the built-in validation tool makes sure your fortress will actually function and be playable.

The Basics of The Escapists Play

The guards are always working to make your stay in prison a truly unpleasant one, and the inmates aren't much better, which is why its time to stop being a prisoner and start being an escaped convict. Executing a successful escape requires not just careful planning and a little luck, but also managing your fatigue levels and keeping up your strength and intellect.

An escapee also has to be bold, taking advantage of other an prisoner's misfortune. An unconscious inmate who ticked off the guard can't stop you from raiding his pockets for items that might make the difference in your latest plot to break out of jail, and no one will ever suspect you if you plant contraband in another convict's cell.

The Escapists: Core Challenges

More challenging than the typical modern game, The Escapists is as unforgiving for convicts who haven't properly planned ahead as a real prison. These strategies will keep you one step ahead of the guards and out of the SHU.

1. Learn the schedule
Even though you'll eventually have to go where you shouldn't be to escape, keeping up the same basic routines as the rest of the prison is critical to keeping anyone from foiling your plan. If guards see you in areas of the prison that are off limits, or out of your designated areas during restricted times, you're likely to get a face full of baton and lose all your hard-earned contraband.

2. Have the right tools
An enterprising escapee can find a use for just about anything, and you'll have to think on your feet, making use of seemingly unrelated items before scaling the walls or digging under them. Craft, buy or steal a wide range of items so you'll have the right tool for the job when the time comes.

3. Be prepared
Level up your intellect by hitting the prison's library or browsing the web on the computer so you have the smarts necessary to craft new equipment. Be sure to always keep your escape tools hidden – there's no point in having a shiv or a makeshift shovel in a spot where a guard will easily find it and get your prisoner sent to the hole for some serious alone time.

Top User Questions About The Escapists

What's the point of the Speed stat? 
Contrary to what it sounds like, the Speed stat doesn't make you run faster to avoid guards or angry inmates, instead it determines how many times you attack in a fight. Raising your speed will help you come out of a scuffle with a more powerful opponent, and it can be raised by regularly hitting the treadmill.

How do I raise my reputation? 
Normally you'll want to keep your escape attempts as hidden from other inmates as from the guards, but sometimes it pays to have a few other cons supporting you in prison. To recruit other inmates and have them defend you from guards, complete any favors they ask of you, talk to them several times each day and be sure to pass over the choicest contraband when you've got some handy.

Is that 8-bit Walking Dead video a joke? 
Nope. The Escapists reached such a level of popularity through its distinctive style and classic art direction that it spawned a Walking Dead branded sequel featuring Rick Grimes. This new version tasks you with escaping the hospital at the beginning of the series while avoiding hordes of zombies instead of violent guards and nosy inmates.

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