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About The Evil Within

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Genre: Scary | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Platform: Console
The Evil Within is a third-person survival horror game directed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, a renowned figure in the world of video game horror.

The game puts players in the shoes of Sebastian Castellanos, a troubled detective with personal demons that seep into the tangible world as he is pulled into a real life nightmare during one of his cases. The story starts out at a mental hospital but soon the players will find themselves using their arsenal of weapons against monsters in urban ruins, disgusting sewers and various other locales to mix up the standard asylum setting so familiar to the genre.

The Evil Within: What We Like The Most

Tense atmosphere
The Evil Within has a masterfully developed atmosphere thanks to genre veteran Shinji Mikami, who has crafted a gaming experience wrought with tension and suspense. Fearful creatures and monsters litter every hall and alley, and the reliance on what minimal supplies the players have to defend themselves with hearken back to a more traditional sense of what survival horror used to be.

Challenging game play
Survival horror loses its meaning when the survival aspect isn't difficult. Luckily, The Evil Within rectifies this developing issue with the genre by making sure players are constantly on their toes, scavenging for just a single extra bullet for defense, as supplies and resources are scarce. The game makes sure you never feel too empowered when facing hordes of nasty abominations, which plays hand-in-hand with the core atmosphere.

A suspenseful story
Though the protagonist isn't the most original character in survival horror, his journey is still one heck of a ride. Whisking the player through a series of dangerous locales via a twisted, disturbing narrative that makes you question everything around you, The Evil Within nails the key pillars of what makes a horror story good. 

The Basics of The Evil Within

Playing as Sebastian, the player is sent to visit a mental hospital after a gruesome mass murder is reported. Upon arrival, the main character realizes things are not as they seem, but is knocked unconscious by a supernatural force before he can escape. Ruvik, a psyche-manipulating killer who was traumatized as a child, now holds Sebastian and his allies hostage in a mental prison designed to drive the three mad. The player will need to guide Sebastian through the twisted world Ruvik has crafted for him in order to escape back to reality and put an end to the madness, via a plethora of guns and sheer determination.

The Evil Within: Core Challenges

Burn the bodies
A few enemies in the ‘The Evil Within’ game have a chance to reanimate themselves if you don't remember to light a match and roast their remains on the spot. Considering you only have a limited supply of matches, it is best to save these flame-starters for when you down the bigger, nastier enemies that are more of a hassle to deal with, as the last thing you'd want is for one of The Evil Within mini-bosses to reanimate mid-fight.

Partition resources
The Evil Within is truest to its survival horror roots in a singular respect: resources are sparse. Bullets are far and few in between for guns and bolts for crossbows aren't much more common, though the latter can be crafted through environmental equipment. Still, very few defensive measures are granted to the player, meaning that every bullet needs to count, encouraging headshots and tactical shooting.

Flight is better than fight
In The Evil Within, there's more than one enemy that cannot be killed during the first few encounters. While you wouldn't know this at first and might die a few times as you try to gun it down unsuccessfully, realize that the first time most unique-looking monsters appear, they are typically invincible and bosses. As such, when you see them enter the screen, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

Top User Questions

Is The Evil Within very scary? 
Depending on what makes you tick, it definitely can be. If a feeling of dread and hopelessness are scary to you, then this game is downright petrifying. With little to defend against the disgusting monsters that roam the game's spooky levels, players will constantly have their backs against a rock and a hard place.

How long is The Evil Within story mode? 
By today's standards its fairly long. A typical play-through might last fifteen hours, making for a substantial amount of content to be experienced before the credits roll. And while The Evil Within campaign is the only mode offered in the game, the new game plus feature allows players to take another stab at the story facing increased difficulty and opposition for an even scarier second time through.

Is The Evil Within game a traditional survival horror? 
While certain elements of the game lean toward modern tropes in the genre, for the most part the game is extremely respectful of its roots. Classic components of survival horror games are often present and at the forefront of The Evil Within

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