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Genre: Collectible Card | Publisher: Mobage | Platform: Mobile
The Gate, created by Spicy Horse Games, combines the best elements of traditional Card Collecting Games, with the intense gameplay controls and mechanics usually reserved for RTS titles. Upon beginning The Gate, you’re greeted by the demonic armies of Hell, and quickly realize that to survive you’ll have to fight! You’ll begin your journey by capturing disciples, the beautifully illustrated collectible cards found within The Gate, whose hidden potential will then be your responsibility to unlock — you can definitely say that your survival depends on your ability to build an army that’s powerful enough to defeat the fire-wielding world bosses within The Gate


As we mentioned earlier, in The Gate, battles are fought using your captured disciples, otherwise known as demons. These demons are collected in the form of cards, each with varying degrees of ability and development limits through the games leveling and evolution systems. The Gate, which consists of four areas, He-Elzapop, Articum, Subtyranny, and Hoarhole, has demons that are unique to each specific zone. And of course, it can be expected that as you progress to subsequent areas within The Gate, the strength of the demons you’ll encounter will only increase — meaning that cards from Area 4 (HoarHole) are stronger than the corresponding card from the bleak wastelands of He-Elzapop (Level 1). 

Demon Classes and Elements 
There are several things you should keep in mind when developing your decks and planning your overall battle strategies: demon classes and elements. Each captured disciple will fall into one of three classes, and each type and element has pros and cons that impact each battle.
Close range combat
Ranged attack

In the top left corner of each card collected, you’ll find its respective element. As you may have guessed, there are four element categories: Fire, Wind, Earth, and Liquid, with each element being superior to another; for example, Fire is strong against Wind, while Wind is strong against Earth. 

In a Card Collecting Game, it’s only normal to want to collect the rarest cards out there. One, this usually means your deck will be pretty powerful, and of course, bragging rights usually come to those with the most uncommon cards — regardless of how they were obtained, rare is rare. As previously stated earlier in this wiki, The Gate has an intricate leveling and evolution system in place, which must be mastered and fully utilized to survive the more dangerous territories within The Gate. The number of possible evolutions and overall strength of each demon is directly related to the rarity of the card. 

Rarity Levels:
Rare 1
o Max Level: 10
o Evolution Unavailable
Rare 2
o Max Level: 15
o Allowed 1 Evolution
Rare 3
o Max Level 20
o Allowed 2 Evolutions
Rare 4
o Max Level 25
o Allowed 3 Evolutions
Rare 5
o Max Level 30
o Created using the “Nightmare Evolve” feature

Collecting Demons

Within The Gate, you’ll find that there are multiple ways of collecting new demon disciples, all with varying levels of difficulty and rewarded demons. The main method employed would be general battles within The Gate’s lands, like Articum or He-Elzapop, for instance. Here are all the way’s to collect additional demon card disciples:

Cards obtained in your normal everyday battles journeying through The Gate are typically lower powered, however, of the demon cards you are presented with (usually 1-6), occasionally, tougher cards do appear. 
By participating in the events on Event Island, and battling against other players in the PvP tournaments, the possibility that you’ll be able to gain a rare card increases drastically. You can view the available cards by checking the “Rewards” button in the appropriate section. 
To the left of the main screen in The Gate, you’ll find the missions button where you can see cards that can be earned directly through the completion of missions and tasks. This is one of the best ways to target the cards you’ve been wanting for a while. 

Within The Gate, it’s not uncommon to challenge certain bosses in large parties. After you’ve been a part of The Gate for a while you’ll have the opportunity to enter World Boss/Raid Mode, it’s there that you’ll be able to join in on raids and have a shot at one of those highly coveted boss cards. 
o Each raid boss battle will cost at least one rood, but players may spend more to increase their damage ability during the boss challenge. Rood may be obtained as rewards for completing daily tasks and through in-game purchases. 
o Rewards fall into four categories: who found the boss, who killed the boss, who damaged the boss, lastly, who did the highest damage to the boss. 
o During a world boss fight, the boss’ difficulty is based on the level of the player who summoned the boss

If you’re looking for a slightly higher chance at finding more powerful cards, then you’ll be interested in the Captus game. In order to play you’ll need a “Captus” token, which can be gained through the daily log in rewards, or by purchase in the store. Captus is a simple ‘match-two’ game, where you must turn over two of the same card within the limited time to collect that demon disciple. 

Using various payment methods, including Gold Coins, Crystals, Friend Points, Golden Scrolls, you can summon powerful and guaranteed rare demons. In The Gate, you’ll find this option, marked “Summon,” at the very top of the screen.

PvP Battles

Located within The Gate, there is a certain Arena; it’s there that players test their mettle against other players to determine the ultimate king of the netherworld. With many great prizes including Devil’s Blood, Hope, and the occasional rare demon card, there’s an overabundance of worthy opponents to challenge. However, it should be noted that each battle will cost you fifty Soul Coins, and you can only participate in a maximum of ten tournament battles a day, meaning your win chain can only go as high as ten. And, it’s your win streak that determines the prizes that you receive.  
Cool Downs — In PvP battles, when you use a card that is level 15 or higher, it then enters a recovery period called “cool down,” and cannot be used again until the required time has passed, which, unfortunately, is based on the demon’s level. 
Battle Scrolls — Another item worth mentioning in regards to the PvP Battle Arena would be the Battle Scrolls. While you may only battle ten times in a day, with a Battle Scroll, additional Arena battles can be fought.  When used, each scroll in The Gate recharges five fights. This useful item can be obtained in events and tournament fights, as rewards for participating in raid boss fights, or as a reward for winning a PvP match — however, this happens sparingly. 


Within The Gate, events take place during each lunar cycle when the stars are in perfect alignment and last one week. The monthly events take place on Infernum, aka Event Island. There you’ll progress through four zones, each containing five stages, with the hope that you’ll be able to clear all the challenges before Event Island becomes inaccessible once again. While similar to the layout of the other locations in The Gate, there is one main difference; as you progress to harder and harder stages, the Hope cost for participating gradually increases. 

Event Points
Each stage is worth a specific amount of Event Points (EP) that increases as you progress.  These points determine your leader board rank in the current tournament’s standings. 
Event points earned can also be used to gain prizes and rewards, such as the rare Devil’s Blood, and while the full list is extensive, here’s a brief example of prize types and associated costs
o EP10 = 1 Hope
o EP50 = 1 Exp Card
o EP 100 = 2 Captus Tokens
o EP 500 = 1 Devil’s Blood


Evolving your demons is an absolute necessity in The Gate, as only through evolution can they reach their maximum levels. While you can choose to evolve at any stage as long as you have two matching cards, it’s often more beneficial to wait and raise each card’s level first for more powerful demons. 
Exceptions to the rule do exist, as Golru, Barbas and Nybras all have different evolution requirements. These demons require rare cards to be sacrificed before they can be evolved. 
Jokers are another evolution loophole that can, and should be, exploited. If you are missing a duplicate card to upgrade your demon disciple, Jokers allow you to bypass that general requirement. However, Jokers do not work on Event cards and other special kinds of cards. 
Nightmare Evolve is a relatively recent feature that was first introduced in The Gate Version 2.2. This is the only method to take a Lv25 R4 card and evolve them into a R5 Lv30 demon. The Nightmare Evolve feature requires you to use Soul Coins and Marestones, which you’ll find within the witches domain, Isla Mara.

Unlocking Skills

As you would expect in any Card Collecting Game, each demon disciple card has a set of skills that they use when fighting. Each demon’s skills are shown at the top left of the battle screen. Here’s an overview on skills: 
Every demon begins with one skill; with others beings unlocked with each five levels gains — which means that a lower ranked demon will have less skill slots than, for example, a rare 4 demon. 
While viewing the “Skill” screen, you’ll see in the lower right of the skill circle a number that denotes that particular skills current level. The higher the number, the more powerful the skill. 
To power up a skill, you’ll have to expend Soul Coins or, The Gate’s premium currency, Gold Coins. Contrary to the time it takes for Soul Coins to level up a skill, Gold Coins level up skills instantaneously. 
Keep in mind, at the top of the “Skill” screen there is something called ‘Slots,’ which shows how many skills you can upgrade at one time, if you’re using Soul Coins — extra slots can be purchased. 

Controls & Gameplay

Moving: By touching the demon you want to control, and then dragging your finger to an empty space on the map, you’ll designate a path (a visible white line should appear) for your disciple to start “walking.”

Attacking: Players attack by, once again, touching their intended demon and dragging their finger to the enemy. A red line should appear which indicates, “attacking.”

Healing: Same basic controls: touch your healer demon and drag it to your intended target to begin healing. However, if you would like to heal your healer, drag away, and then back to your healer demon. 

Rage: To activate Rage mode, you’ll have to touch the interlaced swords at the top tight of the screen. Once activated, your disciples will move, attack and heal automatically! Don’t forget, you can still manually control your demons while they’re raging. Cool, right! 

Speed Up: Available only to The Gate VIPs, it’s possible to speed up your battles to 400%. 

Skills: Skills are a big help in battle; by touching the demon whose skill you wish to use, you’ll see a list of all the available skills. After using a skill, that skill goes into the cool down mode that was mentioned earlier. 

Soul Coins: To collect Soul Coins, you must touch the desired coin to add it to your loot. Reminder: Soul Coins are automatically collected during Rage mode. 

The World: The Gate Territories

The Gate is made up of four main areas, and two equally important sub areas that become available as you progress. Here we detail a little about each area you’ll visit. 
He-Elzapop — The first area you encounter on your journey is this barren wasteland. While the two bosses may pose a challenge, mainly, you’ll find demons that are easy to defeat. 
Articum — Like it’s name suggests, Articum is a frozen land where only the most tenacious of Summoners can survive. This is the point where upgrading your skills become a matter of life and death. 
Subtyranny — This disturbing area is a wretched and forlorn land where some of the evilest demons reside. Once again, only the strongest warriors survive this land of twisted tendrils. 
Hoarhole — As forests go, surely you’ve not seen anything as dark and ominous as those that covers the land of Hoarhole. Be warned, the dangers lurk behind every corner. 
Existing in a separate dimension, here you’ll be able to fight for weapons and armor to upgrade your demons and help you gain the edge on Hell’s armies. While exploring the Hell Forge, you’ll find that each level drops a combination of materials, while Boss battles may drop immediately equippable pieces of equipment. 
Each of your disciples have an available five slots where equipment can be placed that may alter your demons’ attack, HP and defense statistics; and, advanced equipment even have their own skills. 
o Keep in mind; once equipment has been placed in a slot, it cannot be removed, only overwritten.
Once combined, equipment shards form full pieces of gear that can then be equipped.
Equipment can be upgraded through the use of materials that are collected by fighting in Hell Forge Mode. Upgrading, like most things, requires Soul Coins, and as your equipment reaches harder levels, the chances that future upgrades may fail increases — costing you all the materials and Soul Coins. 
Isla Mare — On Isla Mara, the home of Mares (witches, nightmares), beautiful female demons who haunt people’s dreams, you’ll find the materials needed to Nightmare Evolve your demons. When the Mares leave their island nightly to haunt people’s dreams, you’ll be able to collect their transformed animal bodies that remain on the island, called Marestones. You’ll also find Virago, the only ‘currency’ that’s accepted in the Isla Mara Shop
That wraps up our GamerU Wiki. Stay tuned, as we’ll be continuously updating this wiki for The Gate as more information becomes available! 

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