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About The Quest Keeper

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Genre: Arcade | Publisher: Tyson Ibele | Platform: Mobile
Developed by Tyson Ibele, The Quest Keeper is an endless arcade runner available on iOS and Android devices. It is a simple game that involves the main character running through dungeon after dungeon. It has a bit a learning curve to it at the beginning, but with time, it can become a fun game for everyone to enjoy.

The Quest Keeper: Core Challenges

The Quest Keeper starts you off with one heart and expects you to do the best you can with it; however, at times, one heart isn’t enough. Thankfully, it is possible to improve your health so that you are capable of longer runs. By taking part in and completing the additional quests, it is possible to improve your health, half a heart at a time. Doing this is essential to successful longer runs.

With a game like this, there is one thing that you need to realize. Death isn’t the end. When you die during a run, you are usually left with two options. You can either revive yourself at the last checkpoint or you can just die. While dying may seem like the worse option, it is important to remember that dying is free. If you decide to revive over and over, it could cost you a lot of gold in the long run. Thus, dying can sometimes be the better choice.

Being frugal is important in a game like this. You need to save every piece of gold that you can get. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to afford some of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game. Gold is also essential in unlocking more quests. Without gold, you won’t be able to accomplish long runs in this game. 

What We Like About The Quest Keeper

While a game like this may slip under the radar for a few, it should appeal to a wide variety of gamers. While there is plenty that make this game enjoyable, here are the top three things we loved most about The Quest Keeper:

The Dungeons
This game features a wide variety of dungeons. At first, you are limited to just the one long endless dungeon, but as you progress, you are able to unlock more and more dungeons, each with their own unique challenge. The different effects in these dungeons range from collapsing floors to swinging blades and so much more. This makes it possible for everyone to find a dungeon to enjoy.

The Quest Keeper
There is only one character in the game other than your own character. He is the older man who stands at the starting point. While he doesn’t do much to help you through the game, he is a great source of entertainment. When you fail a level, he will always have a comment to make. And, bumping into him always gets some kind of remark, too. His silly attitude makes the game that much more fun.

The Extra Costumes
Throughout the game, you will unlock a number of different pieces of equipment. These items range from your shoes to your staff to your outfit. Out of these, the outfits will have the least noticeable effect from run to run; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. 

Story and Gameplay of The Quest Keeper

As an arcade runner, The Quest Keeper is fairly simple. The main idea of the game revolves around the main character racing through dungeon after dungeon, attempting to collect gold along with a number of different artifacts. Not only will collecting the artifacts help you to complete quests, they will also improve your health and prepare you for the dangers ahead. The game involves a number of different hazards that are meant to slow you down and eventually kill you. These include fire, spiders, pitfalls and more. In order to succeed, you need to brave all of these and win.

The Quest Keeper: Game-Related FAQ

Unfortunately, without the right equipment, the only way to stop is to run into something. This issue comes from the way the main character moves and there isn’t much that can be done to change that. Thus, using the environment around you is crucial to keep yourself from walking into traps and off the course.

That could be because of the camera. This game features two different camera angles. Each offers some benefit towards the way you run; however, I have found better luck with the over-the-head view. This offers a better view of the road ahead and also keeps me from making silly mistakes as often.

The game doesn’t have stats; however, it does feature hearts as well as a variety of different equipment that can be used to alter the main character. Depend on the different staff, shoes and outfit that you put your character in, you could go from extremely weak to nearly invincible. More than that, artifacts improve the hearts you have and make it easier to survive.

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