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About The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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Genre: Casual | Publisher: EA | Platform: Mobile
The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a free to play city building game created by EA Mobile.  Originally released during early 2012, this popular title features the classic Simpsons character and humor we all know and dig, only in city-builder form.

Core Challenges of The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is actually deceptively complex. You'll need to devise ways to churn out lots of Cash and other currencies to finance the rebuilding of Springfield.  Yes, at the beginning of the game, it's destroyed by Homer (naturally), giving you the opportunity to build the Springfield of your dreams.

The biggest way to generate Cash is to build lots of homes all around Springfield.  The residents inside will, in various intervals, hand over Cash to you that you'll need to build businesses and complete quests, such as Kwik-E-Marts and Krusty Burgers, and famous Springfield landmarks such as the Nuclear Power Plant.  The types of homes available work better depending on your situation.

Unfortunately, you are going to need land to plop down buildings of any kind.  Land is going to be your most valuable asset.  Parcels of land can be purchased only when you have enough Cash to do so, and the prices only go up as you expand New Springfield, so make sure to maximize each and every land parcel you buy so you can rake in the Cash you’ll need to be able to progress.
Questing Questions
Quests are a frequent thing in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.  As you unlock classic Simpson characters, they'll offer quests that you can complete for big rewards.  To unlock new characters, you often need to either build their corresponding building first, such as The Android's Dungeon for Comic Book Guy, or complete another quest altogether, sometimes both.

What We Like Most About The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out has plenty of fun content for both fans of city building and fans of the show itself.  It's plenty accessible too, so if you're worried about getting overwhelmed by complex features, trust us, it won't happen. However, there are a lot of other things we love about Simpsons: Tapped Out including:

Lots of Events
This game releases plenty of fun events all the time that provide endless entertainment.  For example, this year saw the release of an event called "Superheroes 2015" allowing players limited-time access to a hilarious mega-quest involving defeating all manner of crooks and criminals by bopping them with your finger, as well as exclusive characters like Fallout Boy.

Exclusive Content
Using the premium currency, "donuts", you can buy yourself some awesomely exclusive content such as Lard Lad, or Hank Scorpio and his epic Volcano Lair.  Plus, the game allows you to visit other player's Springfield through adding friends, giving you a chance to show off your exclusives while checking out other folks'.

That Simpsons Humor
Obviously a big draw of this game is that trademark Simpsons irreverence, and its definitely here.  It's worth logging into this game daily just to tap Krusty and make him complain, or give Mr. Burns daily tasks like "Walk the Hounds" or "Hide Nuclear Waste".

The Story and Gameplay of The Simpsons: Tapped Out

It's simple and colossally ironic, which reminds one of a certain bald bonehead himself.  Homer blew up the town of Springfield because, instead of doing his job at the Nuclear Power Plant, he was instead too busy playing a freemium city builder game, just like you for instance.  So it's up to you to play a freemium city builder game to reverse the damage caused by Homer's freemium city builder game.  Professor Frink can perhaps explain to us how much damage all this Meta irony is causing to the fabric of the universe.  Or at least give us free donuts!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Simpsons: Tapped Out

That's the age-old question of this game.  The only way to get the premium donuts currency for free is to either get a lucky free one when Homer or Lisa clean up trash piles for you, or as a one-time bonus after you level up.  But there's always the Golden Scratch-R lottery game.  By spending one real-life dollar, you can buy a lottery ticket and win as many as 100 donuts for just 99 cents.

Arguably that would be building lots of Blue Houses.  Blue Houses give you big Cash rewards without either making you check in on them constantly or having you wait forever for payouts.  Although it makes your town look untidy, you can set aside parcels of lands as "Blue House farms" designed to just pump out tons of Cash daily.

There's an option in the game, literally called "The Nuclear Option", that will remove all of your decorations, characters, buildings, everything and dump it in your inventory.  You can then remove the objects from the inventory one by one to rebuild the town in the way you see fit.  This is a nifty feature in case you want to redesign your town easily.

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