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About The Sims 4

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Genre: Simulation | Publisher: EA | Platform: PC
The Sims 4 continues a real-life simulation tradition that began with the original The Sims way back in February 2000.

Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis, The Sims 4 lets gamers act out the lives of user-generated Sims characters, placing them in all sorts of creative, emotional, and comical situations. Create everyday tasks for your favorite Sims and enjoy the results!

As of July 2015, The Sims 4 is only available on PC and MAC.

The Sims 4: What We Like The Most

The Sims 4 is a computer-generated take on real life simulation, plain and simple. Build, modify, and practice omnipotence with a mouse and keyboard. There is real depth in The Sims series, with the brand earning millions of hardcore and casual gaming fans worldwide for the past 15 years.

There are several new additions to The Sims series in The Sims 4.

Purchasing and Construction
Purchasing furniture, appliances and accessories for your Sims has never been easier thanks to the streamlined UI for buying/selling items for your home. Decorate your lot to your heart's desire and make it your own unique creation.

The Building Tools 
The building tools have also been updated, providing gamers with a much more "user friendly" method for modifying actual construction. Entire homes and individual rooms can be moved with the click and drag of a mouse, With the latest patches, players can create a home with as many as six levels.

New Sims Creation Features
Character creation used to rely solely on sliders, but The Sims 4 incorporates a more modern "touch and go" take on Sims customization.

Want to elongate a forehead or create an overbite? All a player has to do is click on the corresponding area of a character's features and modify it by moving the mouse in a certain direction. This gives gamers a greater amount of control on creating the physical traits of their own unique virtual personality.

A Joy To Play
Even 15 years following the release of the original game, The Sims 4 remains true to its gameplay roots and fun to play.

There is also a certain amount of complexity to your characters' lives thanks to the new Emotion feature, which gives The Sims 4 a fresh breath of air that increases gameplay options while awarding gamers for the dozens of hours they spend altering The Sims 4's virtual world.

The Sims 4: Core Challenges

Personal Maintenance
In order to keep your Sims happy, you will need to prompt them to take care of their basic needs such as food, rest, and even entertainment. To achieve this, keep an eye on the corresponding meters and be sure to point your character in the right direction if something is awry.

Earning Income
To purchase all those nice accessories for your Sims household, you will need to work for it! Choose a career that's best suited for your family members and you will be well on your way to creating your own virtual dream lifestyle.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow
While it might take some time to become familiar with the building tools and other features of The Sims 4 — especially for a gamer who is new to the series — the time investment is well worth it. Once you have the basics of construction down, modifying your dream home is a breeze as well as a lot of fun.

The Sims 4 FAQs

How can I improve my Sims' performance? 
Pay attention to your Sims' emotions, which play a significant role in helping them achieve their potential in their personal and professional lives.

Can I have children in The Sims 4? 
Yes, you can! To have a baby via natural means, you will need to find a partner (romantic passes are needed) and then select the "Try For Baby" option when it appears. Individual Sims and families can also "Adopt" a child.

Can I start over with a new Sims character? 
Absolutely. If you are unhappy with your progress for certain characters you can always create a new file and start the process over, using what you've learned to make a more customized environment for your Sims.

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