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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: EA | Platform: Console
Titanfall is a first person shooter for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. This military shooter adds giant mechs called Titans that you control in the battlefield. Anyone who is a fan of first person shooters, especially the multiplayer, will probably love this game seconds into playing. Fast paced, fun, and epic gameplay will exhilarate you as you play.

Developed by one of the co-founders of the Call of Duty series through Respawn Entertainment. It's a hardcore, intense, first person shooter that will require players a lot of practice to get a handle.  

Titanfall: What We Like Most

Titanfall has quickly become one of the most played and exciting games for Xbox One. In a myriad of first person shooters here is what makes it stand out above the rest.

Intense Fast Paced Gameplay
Most first person shooters goal is to create the ultimately intense experience while playing, how Titanfall does this is completely unique from any other game out there by adding their Titans to the mix. Being able to summon your Titan, control it, or even it let it attack on it's own makes the game particularly exhilarating. Some of the funnest moments are when facing enemy Titans. Either being in your own creating a one on one scenario, or taking the Titan on foot makes some of the greatest, most satisfying, multiplayer moments in a first person shooter.

Great Environment Design
The maps in the game are perfectly tailored to make being on foot, and being in your Titan equally playable. In addition to looking beautiful. Whether you're preference is fighting in a jungle or battling in an abandoned city. Titanfall has a lot of variety to offer, especially as they release new DLC packs with different locations.

Added Mobility Mechanics
Aside from the Titans being on foot can be just as fun by adding the ability to wall run, cloak yourself, and all the different modifications Pilots have for their suits. A definite Titanfall tip is constantly moving, and the game is designed to make that the easiest skill to enjoy.

The Basics of Titanfall Play

Titanfall is a first person multiplayer online shooter that pits you against six players, and an endless amount of Grunts and Spectre AI in battle.

The basics of the game are really learning the controls and mobility mechanics. All which are covered in the beginning tutorial. Then it's all about practice. The two basic Titanfall tips that you need to keep in mind are the following:

Always keep moving and discovering what play style fits best for you. Are you the type of player who likes to run up and shotgun your enemy pilot? Or are you the one to cloak yourself invisible and wait patiently fair away with your SMG?

Titanfall Strategy: Core Challenges

The strategy behind Titanfall can get a little convoluted. Especially as you level up and you unlock more skills and weapons to use. The variety of options can be confusing, but as long as you keep these three Titanfall tips and tricks in mind you can easily begin to master the game.

Titanfall Tips and Tricks #1 - Always Keep Mobility In Mind
Out of all the Titanfall tips the one to always keep in mind while you're customizing your pilot is mobility. This is a fast paced game, and because of that the developers have designed it in a way that you have to keep moving. Staying in one place for more than thirty seconds is a near death sentence. Always keep that in mind when choosing your skills and weapons. Anything that needs you to camp or become a slower player is not worth it.

Titanfall Tips and Tricks #2 - Practice Makes Perfect
The greatest key to success in this game is trail and error. It's the only way you're going to find your perfect play style for the game. Learning the maps, getting a feel for how it is to fight both inside and outside your Titan. Knowing all the nooks and secret ways of the different maps all will give you the ultimate advantage.

Titanfall Tips and Tricks #3 - Learning When to Cloak
One of the greatest abilities that your Pilot can carry is a cloaking mechanism that temporarily makes you invisible. Learning when to use this on your enemy is one of the greatest tools in battle. Having an eye on your target from afar then cloaking as you get closer to them gives you a great advantage, but be careful to do so at the right time. Not too close to them but not too far away either. You don't want your target seeing you put the cloak on, or have your cloak turn off as you're about to fire.

Top User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Titanfall

Is Titanfall Multiplayer Only? 
Yes. You need an online connection to play. There are no Single Player or Bots Only option for matches. Even the Story Campaign puts you in battles with other players. You cannot play this game offline on all versions of the game. That includes Titanfall Xbox One, Titanfall Xbox 360, and Titanfall PC.

Are there noticeably major differences between Titanfall Xbox 360 and Titanfall Xbox One? 
The biggest difference between the two are graphical. Titanfall Xbox One being the superior system over Titanfall Xbox 360 has the better graphics. They both run equally well. 

Do the Different Factions in the Game Give You Different Advantages? 
No, they don't. It's just a way to separate the two teams. Everything relies on your personal skill, what you have equipped, your teammates, and our Titanfall tips and tricks. The different factions don't have advantages.

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