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About Volgarr the Viking

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Genre: Platformer | Publisher: Adult Swim Games | Platform: PC
Adult Swim Games has put their name behind some excellent games before, but perhaps none are better than Volgarr the Viking. Crazy Viking Studios was crafted just for this game, and their inspirations are done justice. Volgarr gives you over 30 levels to explore across seven total worlds with dozens of enemies to encounter. 

Volgarr the Viking Basics

In Volgarr the Viking, you play as the titular Viking as he slashes and impales all kinds of enemies. Snakes and multi-colored hulks block your path, and you need to end their lives with extreme precision to move forward. Much like the arcade classic Rastan, being careful is the key to success. Precision in both platforming and attacks are skills you will need to perfect. Regular upgrades allow you to gain spears, endure more hits, and deal increased damage with a fire sword. You can also make your own platforms with the spear to either gain loot or a tactical advantage on an enemy with a downward strike instead of risking a forward-facing attack.

Core Challenges of Volgarr the Viking

Precision is everything in Volgarr
Volgarr is a taxing game. Anyone used to 8 and 16-bit style games with precision being a prerequisite for progress will need to put those skills to use here. 

Save Points are Rare 
Newer gamers used to a lot of save points and checkpoints will be in for a shock when they see that this game's checkpoints are few and far between. 
Patience is Crucial in Volgarr the Viking
Patience is a virtue in life and in Volgarr, as rushing will only get you killed or seriously injured. Take your time with jumps and enemy attacks. Before blindly attacking, note attack patterns and the attack radius. If an enemy just attacks straight ahead, duck down and attack when they aren't – it seems obvious, but in the beat of battle, it's easy to forget and thus it's an easy mistake to make.

What We Love About Volgarr the Viking

Tough, But Fair
Volgarr the Viking challenges you from the first minute you start playing. However, despite the super-hard difficulty, boss battles are completely fair. Every skill learned or used in the preceding level will be needed to tackle a boss. For example, while trial and error will carry you through every part of the game one early boss requires that you’ve mastered making your own platforms. You'll make a lot of mistakes, but should feel like a better player for them. Rage quitting never feels like an options – simply playing more to get better is the most likely response to death.

Playing as a Beast in a Beautiful Game
The game features a wide range of environments. You start out in a gorgeous jungle setting that is full of lush areas, littered with vines and waterfalls. The Atlantis-themed section has many shades of blue and green and remains one of the game's finer-looking areas. Underwater portions give you far more character control than most platformer titles and enable you to attack from just as many angles as on dry land.

Flames, whether you see them on your sword or in the world, are stunning. They go from yellow to red-hot and have more color variance than most items. When combined with the powerful fire sound effects and booming score, you have an experience that either makes you feel like a god when using the fire sword, or like you're up against impossible odds hearing the crackle of the flames nearby. 

Top User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Volgarr the Viking

Why is this game so difficult?
Volgarr the Viking is a throwback game. Most games until around the mid '90s lacked convenient save features. Games like Metroid and Legend of Zelda had them, but they were broad saves and not like save states today that ensure you don't lose more than a few minutes of progress.

This means that many games of that era, and this game, needed to be completed in one sitting. If you're in the zone, then you can beat this game in around an hour. While that may seem like a short time frame, it's reasonable for a game as replayable as this one is. The tight controls mean that death is going to be due to the player, not the game itself. Not worrying about what you're doing and just doing it works nicely, as every skill you get early on is something you'll need to hone to beat that level, and then master to beat the game.

I can't beat the first Volgarr the Viking boss – how is it possible?
This is the boss we mentioned before. To beat the first gargantuan boss, you just need to avoid his attacks. If anything gets close, use the combat roll to evade, then make platforms on his shield. Climb up them quickly and strike his head with either a spear or your sword. The sword does far more damage, but if you want to be bold or feel like more of a challenge, use the spear.

Why does this game look the way it does?
Volgarr is very much inspired by the past, but the graphics go far beyond anything that could have been done on early '90s hardware. The Neo-Geo would have been the closest match for this game, and even that would have struggled. Volgarr has 32-bit style art in terms of color depth, but with the more refined pixel art of the 16-bit era for Volgarr himself. Fancier effects are also used here than were ever used back then, including for the flame sword and the environments. 

Real-time lighting was never done then and is used here sparingly to great effect. Unlike games of the early '90s, there isn't any slowdown, and when combined with the lack of input lag, you'll be able to do anything you want to do when you want to do it as long as you don't get hit by an environmental hazard or an enemy.

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