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About War Thunder

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment | Platform: PC
Combining two different kinds of combat simulators, War Thunder matches up large squadrons of players to reenact both ground and air battles across World War II era Europe.

Developed by Gaijin Entertainment, War Thunder places you directly into either the driver's seat of a rumbling tank or the cockpit of a war plane (rather than into the boots of a ground soldier) in massively multi-player, free-to-play action.

Featuring a steep learning curve, challenging vehicular combat and a huge range of options, War Thunder offers a little of everything for historical battle enthusiasts.

War Thunder: What We Like The Most

Providing two distinctly different game modes that are usually kept separate, War Thunder will keep you shelling enemy positions and trying out new aerial combat tricks while earning silver lions to spend towards better equipment and crew for a needed battlefield advantage.

For more of a typical game experience, arcade mode helps out with assisted aiming and removing the more frustrating aspects of vehicular warfare. Those wanting a serious challenge can jump into realistic mode, featuring no respawns, limited ammo that must be replenished by landing, and much more difficult flying maneuvers.

Realistic, Tactical Combat
Setting it apart from first person shooters that happen to have tank missions, War Thunder carefully crafts every aspect of tank-to-tank combat. Successfully destroying targets requires taking into account distances as shells drop while losing velocity, as well as differing levels of armor on various parts of an enemy tank.

Complex Upgrade System
War Thunder's multi-tiered upgrade system differs between each country, offering a massive number of options. By the time you've researched a new vehicle, bought it, trained the crew, upgraded the equipment and then finally gotten the hang of how it handles, it will be time to start over with a new vehicle.

The Basics of War Thunder Play

With dozens of tank and plane combinations across five different nations, a new pilot will need to learn how individual vehicles handle and consistently upgrade equipment and crew to successfully take control in Domination maps or destroy enemy locations in Ground Strike missions.

A constant stream of new research points and silver lions is essential for staying on top of your war machines, while joining a squadron makes it easier to jump into a new round of combat and hone your skills while receiving backup from other veterans who can watch your back when capturing domination points or blowing up enemy ground assets.

War Thunder: Core Challenges

With a focus on realism in physics and vehicle operation, both staying alive and managing to put a dent in enemy forces is a significant challenge. Utilizing these War Thunder strategies will lead to victory for your squadron and nation.

1. Aiming
Simply hitting and damaging a target is no small task in War Thunder. During air battles, always stay above your targets and remember to aim at the lead reticle and not at the target itself. In tank combat, keep in mind that longer distances require aiming higher as the trajectory will change, and always try to hit heavily armored targets from behind or in view ports where shells can more easily penetrate.

2. Using Terrain
Unlike in more casual games, just traveling across a battlefield is a potentially deadly proposition. Grassy areas between buildings tend to offer more cover than paved open lanes, but are also much easier to get stuck in. Hiding near trees or on hilltops away from primary domination points lets you snipe any enemies who come too close.

3. Upgrading Vehicles
Learning the capabilities of each specific tank and airplane is key when trying to barrel roll away from incoming fire or quickly position yourself to destroy an armored vehicle. Just as important however is spending research points and silver lions to train your crew and purchase secondary weapons or better ammunition. You don't want your gunners missing at a critical moment or your pilot to black out while flying upside down.

Top User Questions About War Thunder

What's the benefit of a premium account? 
Grinding through many different combat scenarios to earn more research points and silver lions takes up a significant amount of time. For quicker access to new vehicles, premium accounts drastically boost the amount of research and lions acquired after each battle. 

What country should I choose?  
Each of the nations available has a different tank/airplane tech tree with vehicles that all handle differently and have varying ammo load outs. While every nation has useful vehicles that can counter different enemies, for the beginner Russia is among the best options for its wide range of war machines and high quality starting aircraft. Over time the other countries will be unlocked as you win battles however, so you aren't stuck with the starting nation forever.

How do I get ahead without spending real money?  
Use boosters to increase your rewards after each battle, which are easily gained simply by logging in daily. Logging in multiple days in a row without missing a day sees the rewards steadily increase. Trying a variety of tanks and aircrafts to discover which one best suits your play style is critical if you want to become a force to be reckoned with in combat.

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