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About Wasteland 2

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Genre: Shooter | Publisher: Deep Silver | Platform: PC
A long-awaited direct sequel to the classic early post-apocalyptic RPG from 1988, Wasteland 2 pits a team of desert rangers against enemies both organic and metallic in single player, turn-based strategy combat.

Crafted by the classic franchise necromancers from InXile Entertainment (also responsible for the resurrection of the Bard's Tale and Torment series), more than 40 hours of explosions, giant mechanical killing machines and radiation exposure await in Wasteland 2.

Balancing zany sci-fi shenanigans with a darker tone, Wasteland 2 will please fans of the original Fallout PC titles, as well as more modern tactical combat games.

Wasteland 2: What We Like The Most

Returning to a retro gameplay style fans have been missing, complete with action points and hit percentages, Wasteland 2 features a seriously nostalgic gaming experience, but that's not all there is to enjoy in this crowd funded RPG:

Dark Humor
From radiation worshiping monks who help lost travelers by blowing them to smithereens to a perpetually drunk party member who will do just about anything for more “snake squeezins,” there's always a ludicrous new element of the game waiting to be discovered after tearing apart raiders with rocket launchers and energy rifles.

Challenging Combat
With a host of weapon skills spread out across a core party of four members and heavily armored enemies that laugh at small arms fire, Wasteland 2's combat must be approached carefully and tactically or you'll end up with an empty clip just as a horde of plant infested zombies and killer giant rabbits are closing in.

Classic, Text-Heavy Gameplay
If you missed trying to find every dialog option across multiple screens of conversations in games like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, or Planescape: Torment, then you'll be right at home here seeking out ways to use the “smart ass,” “hard ass,” and “kiss ass” dialog skills.

The Basics of Wasteland 2 Play

Starting off with a funeral and immediately launching into a quest to discover who killed a fellow desert ranger (and what madman is broadcasting apocalyptic messages over the radio waves), Wasteland 2 focuses on resource management, smart tactical planning and exploration. 

Successfully completing missions and rising through the ranks of the rangers requires a very careful balancing act between skill choices. Even with four main party members and three additional followers who can be recruited over time, you'll always end up wishing someone had just a few more points in one skill or another while rescuing civilians or exploring monster-infested mines.

Wasteland 2: Core Challenges

Surviving in the harsh desert wasteland of Arizona takes strategic forethought in and out of combat. By following these Wasteland 2 strategies, you'll save yourself the trouble of having to start over and build a new party:

Unless you've turned the difficulty down to easy, ammo is always a scarce commodity. Certain weapon types don’t faze some enemies, and pistols that require very few action points to use effectively at the beginning of the game will become significantly less useful as time goes on. To avoid combat frustration, ensure each character specializes with a different type of weapon, and don't forget to give a character some melee skill points for when you've run out of bullets.

2. Never let your guard down
Before opening, always check every container, every time - even if it’s literally a pile of cow dung you're digging through. It's not locked? It's almost certainly got an alarm. No alarm? You better believe it's going to blow up.

While combat skills will help you kill homicidal robots, they won't keep you alive when the shooting stops. The surgeon skill lets you stabilize characters who run out of hit points so they don't die permanently, but that's no help if your only surgeon takes a shotgun to the face, so be sure to have at least two characters with points in surgery.

Top User Questions About Wasteland 2

What is the best skill load out? 
While putting lots of points into a broad range of skills is helpful at the beginning of the game, a jack-of-all-trades becomes useless later when the difficulty of each skill check ramps up. To effectively tackle all the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world, have each character focus on one type of skill – such as lock picking or safe cracking – and continue to pump it up each level. Having a high intelligence stat really helps in this regard, as it means more skill points will be available throughout the game.

Why is there a “toaster repair” skill? 
A nod to a running joke from the previous Wasteland game, “toaster repair” seems like a wasted skill at first, as there aren't that many toasters to be found and their contents tend to be useless. The real draw is in keeping those toaster items in your inventory until you run across someone who wants to trade for them, which can net your party unique weapons as well as manuals that permanently upgrade a skill.

How is the “game of the year” edition different? 
After feedback from fans and time to add in features that didn't make it to launch, InXile is releasing a separate version of the game with enhanced graphics, significantly revamped layouts, and new features like Fallout-style perks. The two versions of the game will not be compatible, but existing owners of Wasteland 2 can download the new edition for free. In addition to the PC version, console owners will now have access to the GOTY edition.

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